Originals / Bizarre Amazon Product Reviews.

Amazon (the website) is a lot like the other Amazon (the jungle) - it's vast and sprawling, it hides innumerable secrets within, and you can DEFINITELY get 9,000 ladybugs if you look hard enough.

And that's why CollegeHumor's very own Zac "9,000 Ladybugs For This Manbug" Oyama, Emily "Why Don't They Make Pad Flasks?" Axford, and Pat "This Boyfriend Pillow Relationship Is Moving Too Quickly For Me, Let's Just Be Friend Pillows" Cassels decided to explore the weirder regions of Amazon...

(...the website).

Again - yes, these are real products you can purchase on Amazon (the website) RIGHT NOW:

Boyfriend Pillow

Click here to get your very own boyfriend pillow now (and never be lonely again)! (Affiliate Link)


Tampon Flask

Click here to get yourself some (fake) tampon flasks! (Affiliate Link)


9,000 Live Ladybugs

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