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CollegeHumor, The Website. The Book.

Congratulations! You're considering buying a book. And not just any book, a book of previously-published material, which means you're either a big fan of ours or a sucker. Either way, we thank you kindly.

So what will you find in this book? Inspiration, perhaps? A purpose, even! But more likely, you will find a collection of our staff's favorite articles from the founding of the website in 1999 until we rushed to turn in this manuscript in 2011. They are not organized in any way, though they do have one thing in common: they are funny. Or, at least, we think they are funny. From sublimely subtle satires to pieces without a single instance of alliteration, the articles in this book run the gamut (whatever a gamut may be). Whether you enjoy insightful essays, colorful comics, or photoshopped Facebook news feeds, we have you covered. Especially if you enjoy photoshopped Facebook news feeds. What matters most to us, though, is that you find these collected articles as funny as we once did before we were forced to read each one a thousand times in preparation for the publication of this book.

In short, thank you for considering purchasing our book. There are a great many people in the world who can tell a good joke, far fewer who can write one, and an almost microscopic number of the latter who will be paid to do so. You, potential reader, have made it possible to look our parents dead in the eye and say, "See, Dad! Working on the Internet was the right move! Now, will you drive me to IKEA so that I may furnish my rented apartment?!"

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, BustedTees and Indiebound

Published by Da Capo Press

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