I'm sorry....can we not do this right now? If you've ever said this in real life, sorry bucko you're just living in The Truman Show because only movie characters say this and they say it all the damn time. Here are six of the most common offenders:

1. Guy in every Indie movie pleading with his shitty car that won't start

'can we not do this right now' movie trope: indie romance

Come on, come on, come on! Not today! Don't do this to me today rusted blue car with duck taped seats! Can we not do this right now?? I got a big date with the frumpy girl who works at the book shop in this residential town in Maine! This is just my luck. And my phone is dead! How am I going to tell her I didn't just bail on her?? 

2. Daughter when her mom is embarrassing her while friends are over

'can we not do this right now' movie trope: mom embarassing daughter

*through a pained smile* Mooooom, can we not do this right now? I'm surrounded by a flock of very cool girls from my school who I don't hang out with that often and I can't have you trying to show them my 4th grade clarinet performance of When The Saints Go Marching In. Just leave us alone I swear I'll never ask anything of you ever again. 

3. Unhappy couple at dinner who are trying to spare the children

'can we not do this right now' movie trope: unhappy couple

Not in front of the kid, alright Sharon? Can we not do this right now? Don't make her suffer because of our shit. What's that sweetheart? Yes, honey you may be excused. Look at what you made her do. Can you not suck it up for 30 minutes so we can share a meal as a family? For ONE SECOND can you not think about yourself? While you take the time to answer that allow me to smash this plate full of food agains the wall!!!

4. Guy in the midst of a CRAZY SITUATION who can't cut out 15 seconds to explain what is going on to his gf for some reason

'can we not do this right now' movie trope: guy in crazy situation

Babe, can we not do this right now? I'm sorry I've missed all your calls it's just that things have been INSANELY crazy the past 24 hours, I'll tell you all about it tonight I swear but for right now you're just gonna have to fuck off and not know anything because the crazy shit is still happening - I'm whipping around in this tornado of crazy. With the time spent just now explaining how crazy things have been I probably could've just told you what's going on but I'm not gonna do that, for right now I can only share this craziness WITH THE BOYS.

5. Businessman fielding a phone call from a loved one during the big presentation but putting work first

'can we not do this right now' movie trope:  businessman putting work first

Honey I'm sorry this really isn't a great time. Can we not do this right now please? No I know this is a moment in the film meant to illustrate how I'm prioritizing the wrong things but the BIG PRESENTATION is happening right now. Investors have flown out from Japan I can't just leave right now. Look, I'll call you right when I'm done. That's a good compromise right? I've done this well? 

6. Emotionally unavailable teen when being challenged to confront emotions

'can we not do this right now' movie trope: emotionally unavailable teen

Look I'm...just not great at talking about this kinda stuff, ok? Can we not do this right now? I'm really tired and I've got a lot of school stuff to work on. Mom, I'm fine. No I don't wanna talk about it. The healthy thing to do here is play Madden until 3am not fall asleep, drink a 5 hour energy and bottle everything up inside of me until I die.

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