The sun is finally coming out after a nearly eternal winter. The grey skies and gloomy clouds really negatively impacted your mood and outlook, but that's not going to be a problem anymore.

Well, I mean, your brain is still bad at releasing serotonin in sunny weather, but that's not going to stop you from living your life. It's just going to continue making it painstakingly difficult. But at least you can wear some fun sandals. With these tips and tricks, you might just make it a little easier. Maybe.


Get Your Tan On!


The sun's out, so you should be too! At least, that's what your friends and family and therapist and Domino's delivery guy have told you. Having a healthy glow to your skin will really distract from the insomnia-induced bags under your eyes!

It's so hot out. Why is it so hot out here? You're sweating like crazy. What if your neighbors see you? They're going to see how red and sweaty and gross you are, but why do you care? You really don't, but also you incredibly do. Maybe just go back inside and order self tanning lotion on Amazon. You might have streaky legs but at least you can self loathe from the air-conditioned comfort of your apartment. Hey, can you get a tan from sitting under the glow of your computer monitor long enough? I mean, light is light, right? The same principle should apply, I think. Better just give that a shot for the next 4 months and see what happens.


Eat Some Cool Treats!


Treat yourself to some classic summertime sweets! Ice pops are a go-to, but you can't forget good old-fashioned ice cream! These'll help you cool down during the hottest of days. I mean, you were still eating Ben & Jerry by the carton when it was the dead of winter, but now you feel a little more justified about it.

Just one doesn't seem like enough, though. The void inside of you feels just as empty as it did before. Just eat the whole carton. Who cares? It's not like you have anyone to look good for.


Update Your Wardrobe!


Time to put your oversized hoodies and sweaters away. One of the few things that brought you comfort during the cold void of winter would give you a heat stroke if you wore them now. Get some new shorts and fun sandals to brighten up your look!

Dang, you gained a bit of weight over winter. Did you always look this frumpy in summer clothes? You look awful in everything you try on. These pastels are too bright, people are going to look at you and notice what a piece of garbage you are. On second thought, I can probably still wear those oversized hoodies and pajama pants all summer. I got air conditioning, so it's basically still winter indoors.


Make a Workout Regiment!


Still packing on that holiday weight? Your lonely nights of binging on Taco Bell while binge-watching Brooklyn 99 catching up to you? Get that beach body in shape by making plans to start a healthy workout routine!

You're at the gym, but it feels like people are staring at you. It's like they know you don't belong there. The guy on the treadmill next to you is going faster than you. He's probably judging you hard. Ugh, just go home and do child's pose on the yoga mat that's been on your bedroom floor since last summer. That's close enough, and you have plenty of practice just laying face down and not doing anything.


Plan a Getaway!


After the dull monotony winter brought, an exotic trip is just what you need! Plan an exotic trip from your bed all the way to the couch. You can keep napping and wallowing in self misery, but you can tell your Twitter followers with confidence that you DID get out of bed that day!


Find Some Life-Changing Activities!


Summer is a time for change and growth! Take advantage of all the opportunities you have access to! You could go on a hike, try new foods at a festival, or see the latest indie band your roommate is trying to get you invested in. The constant cyclone of negative emotions and thoughts going through your mind might make that seem impossible, but... yeah, it kind of seems like it.

As you sort through the flyers for varying food trucks and improv shows you've let pile up on your desk, you find a pamphlet for a counselor not too far from your place. It's not Burning Man, and it's definitely not wallowing in bed, but it's seeming more and more like the kind of thing you need to make your summer better than you could have ever imagined.

At least it'll give you something to wear your fun sandals to.