Back in your great grandfather's time the weirdest thing you could go off to study was maybe a degree in philosophy - maybe one in opera or watch-making. In modern times, the options are so much wider, weirder and, well, some of them might even be a little pointless. Here are some of the weirdest things you can get a degree in...

A Degree in Thanatology aka Dying


Thanatology is known as the scientific study of death, dying, funeral rites and the human process of grieving. We'll admit that it's not the weirdest thing you can study. It's even a little useful. There are many practical uses for counsellors who need to understand the process better; but what if someone studied their Bachelor of Arts in Thanatology alongside a degree in Fine Cookery? That would make it creepy.

Once you've got your basic thanatology degree, which includes modules like Popular Culture and Death, Children and Death and Suicide, you can pick a more specialized direction like Pastoral or Music Thanatology. (Yes, there are specialized directions in death studies, and not one of them include "how to be a serial killer" or "where and how to hide bodies".)

According to Music-Thanatology Association International, a music thanatologist means you "provide musical comfort using harp and voice at the bedside of patients near the end of life." Jesus, that sounds like a terrifying way to die; please don't

A Degree in Surf Science and Technology


Thanks to Cornwall College, you can study a FdSc (Foundation Degree Sciences) in Surf Science and Technology. Possible jobs you can get with this extensive qualification apparently include the surfing industry and surf-related businesses as well as teaching or event management. According to Cornwall's official website, modules for the two year full-time surfing degree include Culture of Surf & Sport, Media & Events and Surf Practice - although they also mention that applicants won't actually gain any practical surfing experience. Wait... What the fuck happened to just going out and surfing?

A Degree in Pizza


Instead of dropping out of college two years in because you hate the direction you picked, choose to study something you really love from the start. If all you're really interested in as a college student is pizza for four years, you're in luck. In 2015, Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK announced a partnership with the popular restaurant chain Pizza Hut to train their managers - about 1, 500 people for starters - "from Level 1 to degree level" in the art of, well, pizza. The course includes everything from the money behind a Pizza Hut to what goes on a great pizza: (Just an uneducated guess, but we'd say pizza things, right?

A Degree in Weed


By graduation, most college students have probably smoked, ingested and inhaled enough weed to qualify for an honorary degree. Unless, of course, they actually get a degree in it to begin with. THC University offers a variety of courses dealing with sweet leaf including Marijuana 101 Certification, Trichome Budtender Certification, Horticulture Specialist Certification and even Cannabis Business Certification, providing you're somewhere where weed is legal. Here's the only university where it's kind of expected to be stoned - and no half-assing, either: You've got to get to a minimum of 90% to pass.

A Degree in Drying Meat


If you've never heard of it, biltong is a traditional version of jerky that can be best described as air-dried, spiced meat. For all practical purposes, without getting too technical, it's a type of jerky. Dr Maxine Jones happened to do her thesis - doctorate, that is - in the subtle art of drying meat at Stellenbosch University in Cape Town, South Africa. She was officially awarded her doctorate degree on the 14th of March, and the title of her thesis was Profiling traditional South African biltong for shelflife determination. Hey, uhm, you don't suppose there's a doctorate to be studied in that leftover food container with the green stuff on-top?