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In this day and age, privacy is like a unicorn. We know about it, we admire it, but it doesn't really exist. Between sophisticated cyber-attackers hijacking your information, companies tracking your every move for advertising purposes and, of course, good ol' government surveillance, privacy as we know it is practically non-existent on the web. In fact, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently blocked a proposed rule that would have given internet users data security protection. So, what can you do? How can you stop everyone from tracking your moves and make the internet a safe space again?

There are tons of tools out there to obscure your online presence and keep your data in your own hands. One such solution that has been earning rave reviews is Disconnect--the all-in-one premium tracker blocker and VPN app. It's one of the best privacy and security tools on the market today and you should have it turned on wherever and whenever you are browsing the internet. Here's why:

It's like an invisibility cloak.

Typically, when you explore the worldwide web, you leave behind a trail of breadcrumbs that anyone can use to identify you. With Disconnect's VPN technology, it's like throwing an invisibility cloak over your internet use. It hides your location and IP address so that nobody can figure out where you are or what you're browsing. You could be any one of the billions of web users.

It lets you browse in peace.

Web tracking exists for a number of reasons--some that are quite innocent, and others that are totally immoral (to say the least). Whether it's a company trying to serve you specific ads, government entities, or cyber criminals trying to swipe your data, Disconnect keeps them out by encrypting your WiFi connection. Actually, Disconnect even protects you from the Disconnect app itself. Finally, you can browse in peace.


It actually increases browsing speed.

While you could protect yourself with a VPN, which is still a great option, they tend to slow down your browsing speed. Disconnect, on the other hand, works to block trackers and malware that are consistently requesting access to your device through silent but deadly means. This function has been shown to improve your browsing speed by up to 44 percent, while using up to 39 percent less bandwidth. Therefore, you're safer online, you're browsing faster, and your battery is lasting longer. 

It gives you access to more of the web.

As an extra advantage, Disconnect opens up your device to blocked content. In other words, no matter where you are in the world, you'll have access to region-blocked websites, services, and apps due to a hidden IP address. No more frustration from being locked out of websites because of your location, which is a big plus for frequent travelers or those living overseas.

Listen, global surveillance is only going to get worse. Think about how many connected devices you already have--smartphones, tablets, smart appliances, wearables, and so much more. This number is only going to increase, which means your data will get more and more vulnerable. It's past time to take control. Privacy and protection are top priorities and apps like Disconnect are the knights we need to defend our digital selves.

When you relax at home, you lock the door and pull the shades. Your digital self should be able to do the same thing. Disconnect is just that--a locked door that keeps out all the bad guys and annoying advertisers.

Right now, you can get a one-year premium subscription for 62% off at only $19. CollegeHumor readers can also save an additional 15% with coupon code VPN15. Disconnect is compatible with iOS, Android, Max OS X, and Windows and you can use it on up to three different devices, which should be plenty for just yourself. Right?