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Data is everything - the biggest ascendant businesses online (Google, Facebook, Amazon, CollegeHumor, etc.) rely on data and data analysis to make their ENTIRE business model function. From social to commerce to straight-up traffic analytics, this data (and the ability to process and interpret it into something meaningful) is the key differentiator between a thriving business and a struggling one nowadays. And these organizations (as well as others) are WELL aware of this fact - they're scooping up data analysts left and right, as it's quickly becoming one of the most in-demand positions around.

Of course, there's a pretty good chance you don't know the first thing about "data science." Heck, this was barely a field when you were younger and trying to figure out your future - it only became such a major deal in recent years. But the internet's rapid growth into every aspect of our lives has changed that - and now data mining, visualization, hypothesis testing, and more are becoming necessary elements of online businesses everywhere. And if you're sick of your current job or looking to get into a new field, you would be hard-pressed to find a better field than data science.

And right now, you can get into the wild world of data science for only...$49. Jeez. In data science terms, that's what is called "pretty cheap" (especially considering the normal MSRP of this course bundle is $699). And for that, you'll get over 85 hours of coursework content and learning materials to give you a leg up in the world of data science.


Complete Data Science Certification Training Bundle - $49 ($699 92% off)

There is currently a huge wave of demand for strong analytics professionals across a range of industries, and this bundle has been designed to give you all the conceptual and technical skills to succeed in this field. You'll get an in-depth introduction to R programming, Hadoop, Python, and Tableau - some of the most important tools for today's data scientists. 

  • Access over 85 hours of high-quality content 24/7
  • Understand data mining, exploration, visualization, & hypothesis testing
  • Master the R programming language, R-studio, & R packages
  • Learn the various types of apply functions including DPYR
  • Explore statistical concepts like linear & logistic regression, cluster analysis, & forecasting
  • Supercharge your analytics career by learning powerful new Excel skills

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