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1. Everyone is getting rid of headphone jacks

Well, it's official - the Google Pixel is following suit with Apple's latest iPhone releases and dropping the headphone jack. Because, after all, wouldn't you RATHER just have bluetooth-enabled wireless earbuds that are constantly losing their battery life and also getting lost? Or fumbling with stupid dongles to make your existing headphones still work with your phone? ISN'T THAT SO MUCH BETTER?

What's particularly egregious about Google's decision is that almost EXACTLY one year ago they introduced the Pixel to the phone marketplace - and in their big presentation of all the new features it offered, they SPECIFICALLY called out that it had a headphone jack just to throw shade at Apple:


Will Samsung and Microsoft get rid of their headphone jacks too? The way things are going, it seems more and more likely. In exchange for slightly thinner phones, we'll all get to deal with annoying dongles and iffy bluetooth connections going forward. Great!

2. They have terrible battery life


With the reports that iOS 11 is draining phone batteries faster than ever, we have to approach a difficult subject - phone batteries just don't last that long. And it's not that surprising - they're small devices that are running a crazy number of processes and displaying crisp images and videos...and we're all on them nonstop. But when you just want to go on a run and listen to music, you don't want to risk your phone dying halfway through. Instead of listening to Carly Rae Jepsen, you'll have to just hear your own grunts and heavy breathing - not really an ideal tradeoff.

3. They don't have enough space and you don't have enough data


Our most precious commodity isn't a fossil fuel or water or anything like that - it's our precious, precious cellular data. Stream a few videos when not connected to wi-fi, and you have to ration Snapchat for the rest of the month. So if you go out and stream music regularly, you've got to be concerned - a few long runs or hikes could cost you DEARLY, and you won't be able to refresh Instagram at all the last week of the month. Coupled with the lack of space on a lot of phones, you can't really have that much space for your downloaded music if you have to leave space for videos and photos and a multitude of apps.

Luckily, there's a solution that can make life a little bit easier for people who want to stream music without worrying about their phone - the Mighty is a mini-music streaming device that can connect to wi-fi or bluetooth AND store over 1,000 songs. It's compact and durable, it works with Spotify Premium, and it works whether you're near internet or not - so you can rest assured that you'll have that Ska playlist ready to go whenever you need it.

And right now, you can get one for only $85.99 - but you could also get it for 10% off if you use the codeĀ MIGHTY10 during check-out. So if you're sick of dealing with music streaming on your phone, check it out.


Here are the bullet points, just in case you needed it spelled out:

  • No signal, no problem - music stored offline
  • Works w/ Spotify Premium
  • Pairs w/ Bluetooth headsets & speakers (and wired, 3.5mm headset jack)
  • Packs a 1,000+ song capacity
  • Delivers up to 5 hours of battery life
  • Features drop & water resistance
  • Holds multiple playlists
  • Compatible with iOS 9.3.5 and above (iPhone 5 and newer) and Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and above