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If you're reading stuff on the internet right now, you might have an issue with productivity. The internet has made it SO EASY to distract yourself - checking in on social media, watching videos, playing games, sharing content from CollegeHumor with as many people as humanly possible, etc. And as a result, the end of the day often comes and you have the sinking realization - "Oh crap - I wasted ANOTHER day." And then the cycle repeats over and over, because you're trapped in a loop of having fun goofing off online and feeling terrible for not accomplishing more.

But here's the thing: it's not your fault. The internet is DESIGNED to do this to you - to make you follow Wikipedia rabbit holes and have you spending insane amounts of time on social media. But you CAN do something about breaking that cycle and making yourself into a more productive human being, and we can help (even though we're also sorta responsible for distracting you with comedy videos 'n all, sorry about that):

The Ultimate Productivity Bundle - $36 ($1,274 97% off)



For only $36 (that's THIRTY-SIX DOLLARS, keep in mind), you can get 8 online courses worth over $1,200 (that's ONE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS, keep in mind) that will make you more efficient, productive, and self-starting. You'll learn to read better, to manage your time more effectively, to plan better, etc.

And the best part is, you can start at whatever pace you want. We don't expect you to IMMEDIATELY turn into a shiny new person with completely different habits - you'll still be something of a goof-off, but with determination and focus, these courses (which you can take at your leisure) will help you gain the skills and tools necessary to improving your life.

Otherwise, you can stick to watching funny videos all day. Here's a solid one: