I dunno what YOUR freshman college experience was like, but MINE was mostly being really anxious about being away from home for the first time in my life, terrified about my future suddenly being at stake and having to choose a career path, and horrified at the number of ice breaker activities I had to do with a bunch of people in my dorm. Really, it was those ice breakers that were the worst - this was my only chance to make a solid first impression on the people I'd be living with for my first year at college. What if I made myself look like a huge idiot? What if everyone hated me?

And that was in small groups of like 10 people - but what if you had to do an ice breaker challenge FOR YOUR ENTIRE CAMPUS? Well, one poor soul is doing just that - Sam Jeschke is a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is the target of a pretty neat-sounding campaign by Mentos (the Freshmaker): he has to give away 43,000 (!) bottles of Mentos Gum in six days. If he can manage that, DJ Khaled will play a free concert on campus (and he'll have 43,000 friends who will forever know him as a pretty good guy to hit up for gum).

Not entirely sure he realizes the actual math of what's being proposed though - 43,000 bottles in six days means:

  • 7,166 bottles per day
  • 298 bottles per hour
  • 5 bottles per minute

...and that's assuming he NEVER sleeps. Assuming he gets 8 hours of sleep per day and spends the other 16 hours nonstop handing out Mentos gum:

  • 448 bottles per hour
  • 7.5 bottles per minute

So Sam has until September 6th to hand out over 400 bottles of gum PER HOUR for EVERY SINGLE WAKING HOUR. I'm sure everyone will be grateful for the free gum, but this guy is gonna be running himself ragged making all these new friends and breaking more ice than a dragon crashing into a frozen lake (RIP my boy Viserion).

This Guy Is Trying To Hand Out 43,000 Bottles of Gum In 6 Days

If you wanna follow along, it's pretty easy - just follow the #SamHasMentosGum hashtag or visit SamHasMentosGum.com.

Good luck dude - and if you want to mail me a bottle of Mentos gum, that'd be cool (and then you'd only have to worry about the other 42,999 bottles). Honestly, this has the potential to be my favorite Mentos thing since that accidental Mentos commercial in Jean Claude Van Damme's Bloodsport: