Okay, hear us out - you can disagree with everything Donald Trump does and stands for as President of the United States, but he exhibits a lot of qualities that we could (and should) all take to heart. Sure, it's not exactly ideal for him to be exhibiting some of these qualities as President (and to the DEGREE he exhibits them), but it's hard to deny that President Trump has some lessons to teach us all.


1. Did the one thing everyone told him he couldn't do

Reasons Why Donald Trump Is An Inspiration To Us All

For years, it was a running joke that Donald Trump would PRETEND to run for president purely to garner attention, grab some headlines, and maybe give a boost to the ratings for The Celebrity Apprentice before dropping out once the actual work of campaigning began. The press, other candidates, and comedy outlets like The Daily Show had a good time with it - Donald Trump? Running for PRESIDENT?! Can you imagine?

So what did he do? What did the reality show host, occasional celebrity spokeperson of the birther movement, onetime Home Alone 2 cameo-ist do? He decided to actually run for President and see it all the way through - and to the shock of pretty much everyone (including, purportedly, himself), he WON.

Honestly, if you ignore the race-baiting, inflammatory comments against minorities, mocking of POWs and the physically-handicapped, bragging about sexual assault to Access Hollywood hosts, and almost literally every other aspect of his personality, Donald Trump is practically The Little Engine That Could.

2. Regularly practices self-care


If you can say one thing about Donald Trump, it's that he cares DEEPLY about the feelings of Donald Trump - and isn't afraid to do something about it. He goes on vacation to one of his properties virtually every weekend of his presidency (breaking precedent to the degree that his frequent personal travel costs have depleted the annual Secret Service budgeting a mere 7 months into his term), he has aides provide him with a dossier of positive news coverage about him twice per day, and he won't let aides and advisors keep him off of his favorite personal outlet, his Twitter account.

Despite massive criticism surrounding virtually all of these self-serving activities, Trump continues with all of them - because he knows taking care of himself and his own spirit needs to come first, even if at the cost of the American taxpayer and the safety of the nation.

3. Overwhelmingly confident


I'm honestly not sure if there's a single person on this planet as blindly confident in their own abilities than Donald Trump - who frequently talks about how much people praise him, how he's "the greatest" at various skills, how he's the only one capable of "fixing this country," and refuses to ever admit any mistake or fault. While the rest of us are at times timid, humble, or less willing to brag or be overly forthright with their achievements (both real and imagined), Trump is out there taking credit for everything and anything he can think of and propping himself up as the "2nd greatest president who ever lived" (behind Lincoln).

And while this level of confidence may not be advisable for most, we could all stand to take a page from him and be a little less self-deprecating. Well, maybe not a page from HIM because holy crap he's going to get us into World War III, but you get what I'm going for.


4. Keeps his family close


Family means a lot to Donald Trump - he's given his sons, Eric and Donald Jr., high-ranking positions in his company, despite their lack of business savvy, questionable ethics, and (at least in the case of Donald Jr.) wild personal ineptitude. He didn't care about the grumbling of other, more talented employees who were cursed with not being related to Trump - he went ahead and promoted them anyways, because they're family. Eric Trump even admits that nepotism was responsible for his blessed life.

And taking it a step further, Trump has placed an inordinate amount of faith and responsibility in his son-in-law, Jared Kushner - literally entrusting the future of peace in the Middle East to his daughter's husband, a real estate empire scion who failed at pretty much every opportunity handed to him by his silver spoon upbringing.

Being a Trump is like being at the Olive Garden - when you're there, you're family.


5. Isn't afraid of conflict


Most people go out of their way to avoid conflict or confrontation, but not Donald Trump - who has recently:

A willingness to confront others when you feel strongly about something is definitely a good quality to have! Maybe not when you're ultimately responsible for the country's diplomatic relationships and can wreak unspeakable havoc with your words and actions, but...well, you get it.

....really hope he doesn't start a nuclear war, though.