Unless you're a social media-obsessed tween, there's a good chance you don't know who "Jake Paul" is. I envy you - I wish I didn't know who this obnoxious shitbird was, but sadly I'm all too aware. And if you value your sanity and current state of not-being-insanely-mad-at-idiot-celebrities, it might be in your best interest to click on something more pleasant. Give this a shot.

For those of you who have decided to keep reading, don't say we didn't warn you.

Jake Paul is a "social media influencer" (ugh) and Disney television star, who boasts a massive online following and the exact kind of attitude you'd expect from a teenager who became way too rich and famous thanks to Vine. That attitude being "unbelievable shithead who is hated by everyone who comes into contact with him."


And lately he's been making life a "living hell" for his new neighbors in West Hollywood - throwing nonstop parties, burning mattresses, and playing host to a nonstop horde of fans and media that have turned the neighborhood into a circus. Just watch this news report, because you really need to see this dude in action to fully appreciate what an asshole he is (and why his neighbors are seeking legal action against him):

It's hard to pick out what the worst bit was - 

  • Saying it IS a circus, but "everyone loves the circus."
  • Calling his fans "Jake Paul-ers"
  • Pointing the camera to a pair of shoes and yelling "WHAT ARE THOSE!" like that meme isn't the DEADEST THING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD
  • Just kidding it's the moment he yelled "Dab!" and then did a quick half-assed dab for no goddamn reason:

It's kind of nice - in these politically-divided times, we as a species can all come together and agree on something: Jake Paul is a big ol' dipshit who sucks and anyone who got famous through Vine deserves to be sent away to an island forever.

And now enjoy this teeth-grindingly awful tweet from Jake Paul to close this out:

At least god bless the KTLA news team for showing off those great shoes: