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"I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think." - Steve Jobs

If you clicked on this, you're probably someone who doesn't know how to code. If you DO know how to code, you can leave now and go spend your time doing something else, cool? Cool. But for the rest of you - aka the morons who don't know how to code - you should stick around and find out why you need to fix that ASAP.

Here's a scary truth - the world as we know it is changing in incredible ways, and the methods of how the world is changing all comes down to coding. Formerly routine jobs are being automated at a faster and faster rate (and being replaced with machines that function thanks to coding) and entirely new jobs and industries are popping up every day that are entirely built on coding (from apps to new types of software and services). Think about what a major part of our lives the internet has become - and everything you interact with online begins with coding. There is really no way to understate this: coding is the most important skill you can learn.

Everyone understands this - from tech legends like Steve Jobs to NBA superstar Chris Bosh, who grew up in a geeky household and had this to say about the value of knowing how to code:

Being a kid of the 1990s and living in a house run by tech-savvy parents, I began to notice that the world around me was spinning on an axis powered by varying patterns of 1s and 0s. We'd be fools to ignore the power of mastering the designing and coding of those patterns. If brute physical strength ran one era, and automation the next, this is the only way we can keep up. Most jobs of the future will be awarded to the ones who know how to code.

Basically, if you DON'T learn to code, you're just severely handicapping yourself and your ability to make a living in the world - and also limiting your ability to be an entrepeneur or a creator, as coding allows tons of opportunities beyond just "getting a job." Coding allows you to make videogames, new software, websites, and all sorts of projects. Ever have an awesome idea for an app, but no knowledge of how to actually make apps? Why not actually SOLVE that issue instead of wondering "what if?" all the time?

If you're still on the fence about the value of coding, you should watch this video - featuring anecdotes and advice from the likes of PC gaming god Gabe Newell, social media billionaire guy Mark Zuckerberg, and more.

Luckily, there are LOTS of opportunities to learn to code online and without having to pay for expensive (and probably inconvenient) college courses:

The Complete Learn To Code Bundle


For only $49 (which is a bonkers 95% off of the original $1,043 pricetag for all the courses involved), you can have 10 separate coding courses that will give you an incredibly well-rounded base knowledge of coding languages and skills. Of course, you can pick and choose which ones you want to start with (and maybe skip certain ones you feel would be less relevant to you), but the point is you would have ALL of these available to you at any time you want:


This is over 1,000 hours worth of coding classes - everything from Ruby to Python to PHP and beyond. Even if you're only curious about the world of coding, this is a great idea for yourself or even as a gift to someone. It's affordable and it could mean the beginning of an entirely new career, or at the very least preparing yourself for a new world where coding is even MORE prevalent.

Get it yet? Coding matters. 

The Complete Learn to Code BONUS Bundle


And if you really want to go all out, for only $5 more, you can get the Bonus Coding Bundle - for $54 (which is 96% off of the original $1,473 off the original pricetag). It includes all of the classes from the first bundle, plus two more covering ReactJS and Flux guides for web apps and a guide to Git:


So - if nothing else - these classes would be wise investments to make for your future. It also couldn't hurt to have a basic understanding of how software actually works, even if you don't plan on getting into coding professionally. But still, this chart may be of interest to you:



So check out these coding classes - or go do some research on your own. There are tons of Youtube channels and blogs that would help give you a crash course in coding - and before you know it, you'll be very glad you learned this now.