In a recent profile in GQ Magazine, Dwayne Johnson responded to the question of whether he might someday give up movie stardom in order to run for president by saying "I think that it's a real possibility."

It doesn't seem like he's really joking either - but should Johnson be considered for the next president of the United States? We think so - for these reasons:

1. He would be our first extremely jacked and handsome president


We've had strong presidents before, but no one QUITE as massively swole OR hot as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. It would absolutely be our first People's Sexiest Man Alive President, but only because Sean Connery never ran.

Reasons Why The Rock Really SHOULD Be President

2. He could beat up other world leaders (he wouldn't, but it's nice to know he could)


What is the President if not America's Dad? And like all dads, you want yours to be able to beat up all the other dads and be able to brag "My dad could beat up your dad." And while we've had some previous presidents that were definitely capable of holding their own against other world leaders, we've never had a president who is unequivocally able to totally decimate Vladimir Putin with The People's Elbow.

3. It would probably mean they would cancel Ballers


While I love Dwayne Johnson, I really don't like Ballers at all, and feel like it's a waste of his (and Rob Corddry's) talents. It's like a less funny version of Entourage but with sports, and Entourage wasn't really all that funny to begin with.

4. It would be really funny to watch him DESTROY Mark Zuckerberg


Ugh, Mark Zuckerberg is definitely gonna run for president, isn't he? Dude, just because you're a rich asshole doesn't mean you should be president. That's really the worst thing to come out of the whole President Trump thing - every famous rich dipshit asshole thinks they should get the job.


In the past few months, he's decided he's big into religion now (hmmm wonder why!!), is currently on a tour of all 50 states to "meet and listen to" Americans from across the country (what a normal thing to do for someone who doesn't plan on running for president), and just had a very publicized dinner with a "regular Ohio family" that just so happened to vote for Trump.

In short, this dude's definitely running for President - and it would be SO good to watch this sociopath billionaire dickweed get crushed by charismatic leading man Dwayne Johnson.

  1. Moderator

    This question is for Mr. Zuckerberg - how would you approach healthcare reform?

  2. Mark "The Nerd" Zuckerberg

    Well, um, data analysis tells us that -

  3. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

    Hey Marky boy I'll take this one, buddy. Ha ha, alright. Anyways, I like to take care of myself...

  4. (flexes a bunch, the crowd starts cheering and applauding)
  5. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

    ...but now I think it's time I took care of the American people!

  6. (the crowd goes wild while nerdy Mark Zuckerberg looks like a pale wimp. The Rock does the eyebrow thing and half the audience faints from excitement)

5. Honestly, we might as well at least get someone we LIKE as President


Is making the star of San Andreas the Commander-in-Chief really that absurd at this point? We're kind of beyond the argument of "he doesn't have any experience!" or anything like that. Donald Trump proved that all you really need to ascend to the presidency is the ability to draw a crowd and charm juuust enough people. And Donald Trump is pretty flabby and unlikable - The Rock is jacked and VERY likable, so that's already a step up. Seems to work really hard too - maintaining that physique probably requires a ton of self-discipline, so...that's SOMETHING.

I don't really know what The Rock's politics are, but honestly I've more or less given up any hope of career politicians being able to accomplish anything meaningful or do anything to help the lives of the poor and the oppressed. They're entrenched in nightmare political arena where a combination of bureaucracy, lobbyists, narrow thinking, and an endless stream of corporate money has made basically anything resembling progress a complete impossibility.

Plus, he'd be a cool addition to Mount Rushmore. He's already named "The Rock" so it would make a lot of sense to add him.