1. Glass Heads-Up Navigation Display


Here's the truth: cars can be DANGEROUS in the wrong hands. When you're driving 2 tons of steel at 60mph, you're in control of something that could do a lot of damage if you're not careful. And one way to "not be careful" is constantly staring down at your dashboard (e.g. keeping your eyes NOT focused on the road ahead) to check how fast you're going, how much gas you have left, etc.

And now there's a better option (which you probably could have figured out if you looked at the photo above) - a glass display device you can affix in your direct line of sight above the dashboard so you never have to take your eyes off of the road. And for only $49, you don't really have a good excuse to not buy this if you drive regularly.

Push your car into the future with HUDWAY Glass, the brilliant solution that allows using any head-up display (HUD) app on any mobile device in your car to see the road ahead completely clearly. The very first of its kind, HUDWAY Glass produces a 20% larger image from your phone letting you see navigation, your speedometer, or any other HUD app with a more crystal, clearer picture that will prevent your gaze from wandering while driving. 

  • View directions & the road at the same time to keep driving more safely
  • See more clearly on both poor visibility & clear days
  • Use w/ any smartphone & any HUD app - it's universally compatible
  • Display any HUD-based navigation app
  • Get free promo codes to navigation apps by Hudway to use w/ your Glass

Seriously - you can see directions ahead of you instead of constantly looking down at your phone or relying on Siri to yell the right directions at you. The future is now (or, at least until we get self-driving cars).

2. Car Plug-In Air Purifier


Your car probably doesn't smell that great. That's just me assuming, but c'mon - it probably doesn't. There's probably some old gym shorts in the back, maybe some discarded fast food wrappers that fell under the seat, and a general stink of any car that simply hasn't been cleaned in a while. But instead of relying on a tacky pine-smellin' air freshener (that in practice makes your car's odor even more overbearing), you could be purifying that air and not only making it smell better, but making it better, cleaner air entirely.

And right now, it's only $19.99 (that's 77% off of the original $89). For less than $20, you can stop ever feeling self-conscious about your car's air or stench, and can maybe breathe a little easier when you're stuck in traffic for an hour because of an accident on I-76.

Leave your car smelling fresh and clean with this Car Plug-In Air Purifier. Its built-in ionizer will boost your vehicle's air quality, zapping foul odors and filtering out irritating allergens like dust and pollen. With this purifier eliminating unhealthy pollutants, you'll breathe much easier while cruising down the highway.

  • Quickly improves air quality w/ the built in ionizer
  • Removes odors left behind by pets, sweat, food, exhaust, etc.
  • Scrubs allergens from the air, like dust, dander, bacteria, pollen, etc.
  • Eliminates cigarette & cigar smoke within seconds
  • Plugs into your car's outlet
  • Produces no fragrances while cleaning the air

3. High Definition Dash Cam


You need a dash cam. We're not trying to scare you or anything, but you really do need one - even if you don't particularly think you do. Driving a car comes with a lot of liabilities, and if (heaven forbid) you ever get into an accident, you'll be glad you had one. Otherwise, it's your word against someone else's, and with no hard evidence of what actually happened, you might find yourself on the losing side of justice. So paying $24 (that's 59% off of the original $59.99 pricetag) won't seem like a whole lot compared to legal fees, settlement costs, and your insurance premiums going up.

Dash cams have somewhat recently become a MAJOR thing in the rest of the world, namely in Russia, for this very reason: people are apt to literally throw themselves in front of moving vehicles with the hopes of getting injured and being able to sue the drivers for damages. Yes, this is an actual thing that happens regularly. So to proect themselves, drivers install dash cams to conclusively prove that they WERE driving carefully, but this con-man stranger jumped in front of their vehicle ON PURPOSE.

Of course, it does have other uses - you can catch OTHER people's accidents and help them out in court, or maybe just record a cool drive you went on for a road trip or something. And - again - only $24 and you can have a pretty great dash cam ready to go:

Details & Requirements

  • Video resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Current frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
  • Battery capacity: 600mAh
  • Built-in microphone
  • Memory card: TF up to 32GB (not included)
  • Screen: 2.7" LTPS TFT LCD
  • CMOS image sensor
  • Interface: USB port, TF card slot, HDMI port


  • HD camera
  • Suction holder

Plus, you'll be able to catch ANYTHING that happens to your car and probably get some decent Youtube videos out of it:

4. TrapTap Speed Trap Indicator


"IT'S A TRAP!" isn't just a pretty solid Star Wars reference to make, but a legitimate concern when driving - no one reeeally follows the speed limit to a T, and every now and then you go along a stretch of road where you'd assume no one was watching and BAM! You're pulled over for going 10 mph over the limit and you've got yourself a pricey ticket to deal with. The cops laid a trap, and you fell right into it.

Luckily you could've avoided that trap - and EVERY trap going forward. No more paranoia over where the cops are squatting, no more always driving under the limit juuuust in case - you can finally just drive safely and responsibly (but also, like, 5mph over the limit) without worry with a TrapTap Speed Trap Indicator (only $149 - that's 16% off of the original $179).

Nobody is the perfect driver, but thankfully there is TrapTap to help us all be better. TrapTap is a simple wireless button that attaches to your dashboard and warns you of speed traps, red light cameras, and school zones by flashing different colors. This completely legal device is tuned into every red light camera and school zone, changing color to let you know to be heads up. Plus, using its community of users, TrapTap will update in real-time when a police or radar speed trap has been set up nearby so you can avoid the ticket. 

  • Blinks green when you are approaching a speed trap or already speeding near one
  • Lets you set traps you've already found by simply tapping twice to notify other TrapTap users
  • Chimes to warn you of any potential alerts
  • Connects to your phone using the app just once & you'll never have to do it again
  • Sticks just about anywhere in your car & is easy to move between cars

So remember - it's important to be safe and responsible when you drive, but it's also important some asshole cop doesn't trick you into getting a ticket just because you went a little bit over the speed limit.

5. Exocharge 3-Port USB Car Charger


If you've ever driven with someone on a semi-long car trip, you know the eternal battle: there's only one slot to charge someone's phone, and so it's an ongoing struggle to get YOURS charged (since you all end up having your battery drained surprisingly fast). But with 3-port USB charger, you can all charge your phones at the same time and no one's stuck with literally the worst fate in existence: having to sit in a car WITHOUT A PHONE.

And you can have that peace of mind for only $14.99 - that's 25% off the original $19.99! But not only will you be saving money, you'll be saving your FRIENDSHIPS (since you won't have a long argument over something unrelated just because you were both mad at the other over the charger thing).

Seriously - never go on a road trip without one of these.