You may remember a few months ago, there was a phenomenon where the internet was freaking out about an old 90s movie about some kids finding a genie (played by 90s comedy icon, Sinbad) called Shazaam!. It was your standard fare for kids' movies of the era - a popular comedian playing a bombastic, magical character and getting into assorted hijinks with some kids. You probably have some vague memories of it just due to my description. But there was only one problem: many people contested that the movie didn't actually exist.


How could this be? There were huge groups of people all over the internet who distinctly remember the film - outlets like Vox and Mashable contended it was simply 'The Mandela Effect', a phenomenon where groups of people believe something false due to the fact that it sounds very plausible in their head. Most of these sites pointed to the similar sounding 90s kids' comedy, Kazaam, starring Shaquille O'Neal - which was also about a kid discovering a wacky genie.

Hell, even Sinbad - who ostensibly starred in the film - seemingly had no recollection of it, and was actively shooting down proposed evidence that it existed:


And adding fuel to the fire was the fact that no one could seem to find hard evidence that the film actually existed - there were no clips online, no entries on IMDb or Wikipedia, and no actual data on what the film was or who else was involved beyond Sinbad.

But today, that all changed. We found it.

We found Shazaam!.

Yes, Shazaam! is real. One of our producers was exploring a long-abandoned Blockbuster Video store when they happened upon a dusty VHS tape. And that dusty VHS tape just happened to be titled...Shazaam.


After some wrangling to find a functioning VHS player, we popped it in and...it was right there in front of us. Actual proof that the internet was right this entire time. SHAZAAM! IS REAL! It seemed completely unbelievable, yet the evidence was staring us in the face. The footage we have is badly damaged, and it looks like someone tried to record over it, but this is definitely the legendary Shazaam.

Of course, there are some issues we're dealing with: most of the 93-minute film appears to have been taped over, the production company that made the film has since gone bankrupt so the legal rights are up in the air, and Sinbad is refusing to pay us the $5000 he owes us:

However, our lawyers have reviewed the footage and given us the okay to release this mostly intact scene from early in the film as evidence to the world that, yes, Shazaam! is real. Your minds were not playing tricks on you through faux-memories and half-truths. It's all real.


Shazaam! tells the story of Rachael and James, two siblings who can't seem to catch a break. When a wise-cracking genie named Shazaam (Sinbad) appears in their lives, Rachael and James learn that magic is still all around them, and even genies need families. With wacky antics and enchanting special effects this supernatural comedy is fun for everyone.