Alabama Lady Tremaine

Makes a big deal about customs and etiquette - but will treat you like yesterday's trash if your kind isn't wanted around these parts.


Alaska Elsa

Not only is it cold, but it needs to be kept separated from everyone else.


Arizona Jafar

Prefers living in an arid desert for some reason, and is NOT a fan of outsiders.


Arkansas Frollo

Deeply religious but is still looking to screw you.


California Hades

The top of it is literally on fire most of the time.

Colorado Cheshire Cat

Is way higher than the rest of us (both literally and metaphorically).


Connecticut Scrooge McDuck

Rich, old, and relentless in their pursuit of capitalism.


Delaware Mickey Mouse

The first, and possibly the most boring.


Florida Prince Hans

Seems bright and happy at a glance, but soon you'll uncover its true, swampy nature.


Georgia Evil Queen

Has a rich history of tradition, honor, and trying to murder people it doesn't like. Also, big on fruits.

Hawaii Lilo



Idaho Fifi

Is uncomfortably sexual for something shaped like a feather duster (clearly being kissed by Montana for the state, the fact she's apparently banging a candle for the Disney character).


Illinois Man from Bambi

Has a reputation for being a corrupting force, and has an unusually high number of gun deaths.


Indiana King Candy

Loves racing and has a much grimmer history than you might think.


Iowa Magic Mirror

Despite being flat and bland, people care a lot about its opinion on who's the best every now and then.

Kansas Pocahontas

Synonymous with Americana (of different eras, though).


Kentucky Pegasus

Combines the loves of horses and (delicious) birds.


Louisiana Tiana

Withstood a hurricane (either actual or "of racist bullshit on the internet") but came out even stronger in the end.


Maine Prince Eric

Lives by the sea and is often the subject of stories by a King.


Maryland Sebastian

You can't think about it without thinking of delicious crab.

Massachusetts Gaston

Thinks it's the best and brightest, even though usually it's just the loudest and drunkest.

Michigan Fox and the Hound

Two separate parts that will never be together again, and going back, it's always more depressing than you remembered.


Minnesota Olaf

Cold, friendly, and always dreaming of warmth.


mississippi dumbo

Overweight, has a history of racism, and strongly identifies with elephants (politically for the state, literally for the Disney character).


Missouri Cruella de Vil

The separation of black and white is pretty noticeable (and concerning), and is the first one you think of when hearing the word "arch."

It's really outdoorsy and you constantly forget that it exists.


Nebraska Anything From Fantasia

Pretty cool to look at, pretty boring to spend time around.


Nevada Genie

Promises to make all your dreams come true, but things usually end up going wrong (but at least there were a lot of impersonations).


New Hampshire Tarzan

If they can't live free, they'd rather die.


New Hampshire Tarzan

While sometimes falling into stereotypes for Italians, the more pressing matter is the recent trouble with an angry whale (Monstro/Chris Christie).

New Mexico John Silver

Cool to look at, vaguely dangerous-feeling, and usually associated with aliens (Roswell) or likable bad guys (Breaking Bad).


New York Aladdin

Wavers between "absurdly rich" to "insanely poor" with little in-between, and is pretty friendly to weird, disease-carrying vermin.


North Carolina Philoctetes

Despite a gruff exterior, it's a solid way to get a great education.


North Dakota Anna

Occasionally trapped in freezing ice-cold weather, but doesn't have any of the cool features of its sibling (Mount Rushmore for the state, ice powers for the Disney character).


Ohio Tramp

Always has the image of being a little down on their luck, a little trashy, and in desperate need of someone giving them food.

Oklahoma The Horned King

Be it bad weather or a magic cauldron, there's a good chance you'll die a pretty terrible death here.

Oregon Timon

Self-styled weirdo who likes spending time in nature and believes they've found the end of the trail.


Pennsylvania Kuzco

Sometimes it's cool and metropolitan, sometimes it's weird and pastoral and basically feels like a waking nightmare.


Rhode Island Jiminy Cricket

Super small and totally helpless to make any difference in the world.


South Carolina Stitch

Fun at the beach, but there's a tense feeling that violence could break out at any moment.

south dakota hydra

Has a bunch of heads, and is otherwise not too memorable.


Tennessee Roger Radcliffe

Maker of great music and friendly towards dogs.


Texas Mulan

Don't mess with them, especially if you're an invading army.


Utah Little Mermaid Minister

Religious, friendly, and has a mysterious and uncomfortable sexuality that leaves everyone else scratching their heads.


Vermont Snow White

Kindly, trusting, loves the woods, and is just absurdly white.

Virginia Rafiki

Helpful in choosing new leaders (since Virginia is home to many of the first presidents) and seems to have secret mystical knowledge of events (since Virginia is also home to CIA HQ).


Washington Flounder

Always wet and usually jittery (blame it on the coffee).


West Virginia The 7 Dwarfs

Great at mining, and yet it doesn't seem like they get to actually keep any of the wealth.


Wisconsin Monterey Jack

Cheating here by including a TV-only character, but when you think Disney and cheese, how can you NOT think of Monterey Jack?


Wyoming Princess Kida

Beautiful, interesting, and basically abandoned.


Washington DC Pinocchio

Full of liars! Haha but seriously it exists in a strange middle-ground between "actual state" and "territory," much as Pinocchio is not quite human and not quite puppet.