1. Trump is literally just repeating the last thing he saw on Fox News


It's no secret that President Trump is a voracious consumer of cable news - and it's even less of a secret that the only cable news outlet that he has any level of fondness for is Fox News. But a new wrinkle to all of this is that Trump is now officially the President of the United States of America, and gets regular, detailed briefs and reports from official government agencies. He no longer really should need to rely on cable news to get his information on the state of the nation - he has all of the data gathering resources of the federal government, which are prettttttttttty extensive.

Despite this - he is still very much getting much of his policy-shaping information from Fox News...to the degree that he's making PRONOUNCEMENTS based on what he literally JUST SAW.

Trump focusing on the homicide rate in Chicago also isn't anything new - however that above tweet (which does not reference Fox News or any pundit in any way) came literally minutes after this segment aired on The O'Reilly Factor:


Yes - Trump literally just repeated a segment from Bill O'Reilly, mostly word-for-word, and used it as a pretense for instilling martial law on the city of Chicago? THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING.

And in case you thought this was a one time weird thing - it's not.

This aired about 15 minutes earlier on Fox News:


It's gotten so out-of-hand, Fox News is literally MAKING FUN OF TRUMP FOR DOING THIS (at least, on a segment that aired on an episode of morning show Fox & Friends):

To be clear - that did not actually happen, it was a joke rigged by the visual effects people at Fox News:

So - in case you thought the office of the Presidency would make Trump more considered and thoughtful in his tweets or policy-making decisions: you were insanely wrong. He's not letting advisors or speech writers help him....but he IS letting a TV channel tell him what he should be talking about.

2. Trump and his Administration are doing all of the dumb email things they ripped on Hillary for


Remember the controversy over Hillary Clinton's private email server? You probably never heard of it - it was a pretty minor blip during the election that no one talked about, especially not Donald Trump. Oh wait, sorry, I meant it was constantly the main thing literally everyone was talking about and Trump never let up about it, even for a minute. Well, guess what? He and the RNC are doing literally the same thing except EVEN WORSE BECAUSE HE'S LITERALLY THE PRESIDENT NOW:


Yep - after a full year (at least) of complaining about Hillary Clinton utilizing private email to potentially discuss government business, Trump's entire administration is using non-government email accounts regularly. Of course, there's definitely a possibility that they're NOT using any of these Republican National Committee emails for anything related to politics or the government, but that would beg the question: WHY ARE THEY USING RNC EMAIL ADDRESSES THEN?

In response to the story being published by Newsweek, the email accounts for Steve Bannon, Jared Kushner, and Kellyanne Conway were all deleted...which certainly makes it LOOK like these email addresses may have been being used for things they should not have been.

And while it's unclear still whether or not these private email addresses would have been mismanaged in the same way then-Secretary Clinton's were, it at least harkens back to President George W. Bush's extremely similar controversy, where his administration had made extensive use of - you guessed it - an RNC private server, which mysteriously had 22 million emails get accidentally deleted right before they were due to be investigated.

But wait - there's more! Mainly related to Twitter, but when it comes to the official Twitter accounts of high-ranking members of the government, it's still pretty relevant:

Yes, that's right - Trump's official @POTUS Twitter account was - for some inexplicable reason - linked to a personal Gmail account? As of this writing, it still is, although one would think that they would be smart enough to change this ASAP. Maybe it would be a little less worrying if Trump wasn't still utililizing his old, unsecured Android phone (a Samsung Galaxy) that Trump still prefers using ("to the protests of some of his aides") over a more secure device provided by the White House team.

And lastly, another bit of information from professional Dippin' Dots-criticizer (and now Press Secretary) Sean Spicer: this, uh, message that he accidentally tweeted, which most speculate was PROBABLY his Twitter password (or some other password):

Note that this is NOT the first time the official Press Secretary Twitter account has tweeted what was either a password or total nonsense in a 24 hour period:

3. Trump is STILL wildly obsessed with his inauguration crowd size


Our president is a big fan of weird, petty obsessions, and as such Trump is still fuming over people denigrating the size of the crowd at his inauguration, which appeared to be noticeably thinner than the crowd drawn by Barack Obama at his inauguration in 2009 (at least, to anyone with functioning eyeballs).


If there's one thing Trump simply cannot abide, it's the idea of people saying that he's not the most popular and beloved human being to ever exist (a pretty reasonable expectation). Obviously, the comparison photo won't do - there's simply no hiding the fact that the crowd was simply a lot thinner towards the back and didn't fill the National Mall in the same way that Obama's inauguration did. So what does Trump do? Use a different photo, duh.

This photo, taken from the side (and not at all focusing on the further away crowd at the National Mall), is a lot more forgiving of a photo - making it appear that Trump's inauguration was absolutely packed to the brim, despite all available evidence to the contrary.

One odd note - the official date on the photo is not January 20th (the day of Trump's inauguration), but January 21st - the day of the massive Women's March:

...which is just another odd note to a very, very odd presidency.

But the photo is indicative of something - even a week later, Trump is still SO MAD that people made fun of him for having a small crowd, even making sure to remind David Muir about how massive the inauguration was repeatedly (and despite no actual evidence to support his claims):

If it ended there, it would just be another example of Trump being a thin-skinned narcissist - but remember: HE'S THE PRESIDENT NOW. And, as such, has extensive resources at his disposal to do...whatever he feels like. Including instructing government agencies to find evidence for his lies instead of doing actually productive work:


Per the Washington Post article:

In a Saturday phone call, Trump personally ordered [National Parks Service director] Reynolds to produce additional photographs of the previous day's crowds on the Mall, according to three individuals who have knowledge of the conversation. The president believed that the photos might prove that the media had lied in reporting that attendance had been no better than average.

Although, try as he might, the honest truth is that Trump's crowd was simply nothing compared to the TRUE leader of our hearts: