Men's Rights Activists (anti-woman internet trolls, not to be confused with people who actually fight for men's rights) often equate feminism to cancer, and they certainly have a point!

1. It involves growth


You may need to look deep inside yourself to find out you might be experiencing an unusual growth ... whether that's abnormal cells or a desire for gender equality.

2. It has a long history of being misunderstood


There's lots of stigma involved. In the past, cancer was believed to be contagious, untreatable, and breast cancer was caused by milk clots -- as feminism has been incorrectly believed to be man-hating, woman-victimizing, and unnecessary.

3. There's lots of different kinds


In the same way that it would be hard to understand lung cancer if you only learned about benign melanoma, there's lots of differing movements within feminism. Some feminist movements may disagree on certain ideologies ... like what's the best way to create equal division of power among genders? Is Taylor Swift a feminist? Should feminism ever be compared to cancer?

4. Men are also affected by it


As men can get breast cancer, most movements of feminism aren't just for women. Feminism opposes toxic masculinity, which hurts men as well.

5. It's still relevant


Although some cancers are now treatable and some feminist causes have been addressed, there's still lots of work to be done. Just because testicular cancer has a 98% survival rate doesn't mean we shouldn't be concerned about the other 2% ....or not concerned about the survival rate of lung cancer.

6. You might not get it


You might not be able to empathize with your friends' life experiences and pain. But if you do ...

7. It can take you to a better place

undefined, maybe this isn't the best comparison after all...