1. Attractiveness isn't about how you look on the outside ... it's about the marketing.

No one in N'Sync was attractive by conventional beauty standards (no, not even JT at the beginning)


But that didn't stop them from being sold as heartthrobs. Any five dudes singing about love - no matter how terrible their style or faces - were beloved by thousands as long as they were plastered on enough magazine covers.

2. Strive for relationships that include codependency and/or vague compliments

You can tell someone really likes you when they compare your relationship to:


-mental insanity

-wet dreams

If you're with him, it's real love (unlike that previous guy who didn't appreciate you). He will cheat on you (or is cheating with you)  but you should take him back because it was a terrible mistake!

3. Being yourself means establishing your own signature hairstyle

You and your friends all wear matching outfits, so how are people supposed to tell your specific personality attributes apart? It's all about finding your own within your own hairstyle.

Choose from one of the following options to reflect your unique personality:






4. Develop rivalries within your professional field

Nothing creates loyalty more than a common enemy. Take a look at the most famous rivalries in boy band history:

N'Sync vs. Backstreet Boys

The Wanted vs. One Direction

98 Degrees vs. the music industry

5. Your favorite color says a lot about you

Of course every tween magazine asked the hard hitting questions: "What's your dream date?" "Would you date a fan?" or "If you could be any animal, what animal would you be?" But you will never learn true compatibility with another human unless they share your favorite part of a spectrum of light.

6. There IS such a thing as "winning a break-up"


Sorry, Britney.