1. He has no plans to prosecute Hillary Clinton


A major focus of the contentious election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was the controversy around Secretary Clinton's use of a private email server during her time as Secretary of State - with Donald Trump repeatedly promising to prosecute Clinton once he was elected President (forgetting the fact that the President doesn't decide who the Department of Justice does and does not prosecute) and leading chants of "LOCK HER UP!" at rallies.

Lo and behold, Trump won the presidency! And as for his plans to prosecute Clinton for her private email server?

Haha, pretty good troll by ol' President-Elect Trump there, riling up his supporters into a fervor of anger at someone and repeatedly claiming he would put her in jail (even directly to her face during one of the debates) and then totally going "lol wut nah not gonna do that." Classic Trump-Troll.

2. He's not gonna build a wall (or get Mexico to pay for it)

Donald Trump's presidential bid was largely launched with his promise to finally build an enormous wall along the southern border of the United States, in an effort to curb unlawful immigration from Mexico. The anti-immigration stance he took soon became the cornerstone of his campaign, with consistent and repeated claims that not only would America build a "big beautiful wall", but that Mexico would pay the enormous cost of such a structure.

Trump supporters were led to believe this would be a day one priority - and it was a frequent battlecry at Trump's own rallies.

Except...NOT! Wow, Trump really pranked his supporters good with that one! He and his aides have since backpedaled HARD on the idea of a continuous wall spanning the entirety of the southern border, with statements saying that:

Wow, what a funny troll! Good one, Mr. President-Elect!

3. He's not gonna "repeal and replace" Obamacare

One of Trump's (and the entirety of the GOP) biggest platform pushes of the campaign was the need to "repeal and replace" Obamacare as soon as possible (referring to the Affordable Care Act). Trump talked about it repeatedly during the campaign - at rallies, at press conferences, on talk shows, and during the debates. He was 100% clear: on his FIRST DAY in office, he work to repeal and replace Obamacare in its entirety.


That was just Trump pullin' one of his trademark pranks on all of his supporters - see, after a single conversation with Obama post-election, Trump's tune changed pretttttttty completely, to the point where he went from "Obamacare is the devil and getting rid of it completely is my number one priority" to "well, mayyybe we'll just amend it a little."


Since Trump's statements about "amending" Obamacare, other Republicans have come forward re-establishing that they do intend to repeal the Affordable Care Act, but are now mum on the topic of REPLACING it. The realization that the more popular aspects of Obamacare (like the elimination of pre-existing conditions and expansions in Medicaid) would be very difficult to replace without the overall provisions of the ACA have led many to say it would take "several years" instead of being a simple day one operation, if it happens at all!

LOL - nice troll from the future leader of the free world!

4. He's not gonna "drain the swamp"


Well, beyond the fact that there is no actual swamp to drain, Trump has no plans to even metaphorically drain the swamp ("the swamp" being Washington DC, which was appropriately built on swamplands). His transition team, advisors, and cabinet are chock full of long-term Washington insiders, lobbyists, and even people who did the same stuff that Trump threatened to jail Hillary Clinton over, including:

The point is, Trump's cabinet is looking pretty expected for a Republican president - in that it's full of very familiar names and faces from around Washington DC, not a cast of outsiders that was promised. It's mostly career politicians and lobbyists filling out the ranks. Epic troll!

5. He's not gonna "make America great again"


Look, he's already dumped the hat! Wow, President-Elect for about a month and he's already trolled the hell out of everyone who bought his OLD red hat.

Also, he's claiming the election he won was fraudulent based on a conspiracy theory started by a random guy's tweet, looking to defund NASA's climate research, has an insane level of conflicts of interest with regards to his private businesses, throwing decades of international diplomacy out the window, and - juuust a reminder - still hasn't released any of his tax returns.

Trump, ya trolled 'em good!