1. What question does your state Google more than anyone else?

state charts

via Estately

The good people at Estately put together this incredibly helpful list, which shows off what question each state Googles more than any other. To clarify, this is not THE most common things being searched in each state, simply questions each state searches more frequently than any other. And some of the results may surprise you! Who knew Hawaiians were so introspective and philosophical, or that Georgians had the sorest nipples?

2. What is the most common porn search in your state?

state charts

via PornHub

The porn searches of America tell a very clear story: we like lesbians, and when step-moms and step-sisters have sex (just in general, not necessarily with each other). Also, ebony sex is a plus in the south (and also Delaware), and a few states in the midwest (and Vermont) are the ones clicking those weird porn ads showing Ned Flanders having sex with Meg from Family Guy.

This, to me, is a positive sign - while the topic of sexuality and gay marriage is still divisive publicly, in private most people are SUPER in favor of the "L" part of "LGBTQ." Progress!

But then, there's also this follow-up infographic for the most popular categories on PornHub, which paints a less inspiring picture:


Lesbians are a little less popular, and everyone's lookin' for teens. If you can find a video of a teenaged stepmom, please tell Washington, South Dakota, and Alaska as soon as possible.

3. What's your state's favorite beer?

state charts

via ForHangovers

Does your state have terrible taste in beer? Given how much beer connoisseurs love to argue, dismiss popular beers, and brag about hard-to-find microbrew IPAs, your state probably looks pretty shameful, but I LIKE YUENGLING SO SUE ME.

Although, Oklahoma and Indiana - Coors Light is seriously your FAVORITE beer? Like, you prefer it above all others? I think there's a reason you two are the only states that feel that way.

4. What was the most popular baby name in your state last year?

state charts

via Huffington Post

Well, at least the days of Ayden, Jaidyn, and Haayddynn are over! Same with the brief-but-terrible reign of Bella and Edward. However, in 30 years, the world will be ruled by packs of Williams, Liams, and Noahs (for boys) and Emmas, Avas, Olivias, and Sophias (for girls).

But seriously, what's going on in the Southeastern states that they decided to name all of their kids "William"? With the recent drought-talk, I can sorta get all the Noahs. And the dual influence of Emma Watson and Emma Stone have combined forces to make sure every girl is named Emma for the foreseeable future.

5. How long do people in your state (on average) last during sex?

state charts

via Nerve

Utilizing an app that - similar to FitBit - measures your physical actions and motions to determine calories burned, miles run, and all that, statisticians were able to determine the average duration of sex for individuals in every state in the country (using a sample size of 10,000 participants).  It should be noted that foreplay was not included, since that would have been significantly more difficult to measure.

Also important to remember that these are simply averages - some individuals may have exceeded the overall state average (or fallen short). And while the infographic above broadly breaks things down into 5 general categories, there are some significant differences within each section. Here's the breakdown per state:

1. New Mexico - 7:01

2. West Virginia - 5:38

3. Idaho - 5:11

4. South Carolina - 4:48

5. Missouri - 4:22

6. Michigan - 4:14

7. Utah - 3:55

8. Oregon - 3:51

9. Nebraska - 3:47

10. Alabama - 3:38

11. Delaware - 3:33

12. Hawaii - 3:28

13. Wisconsin - 3:22

14. North Dakota - 3:18

15. Arizona - 3:17

16. Maryland - 3:15

17. Mississippi - 3:10

18. Rhode Island - 3:09

19. Connecticut - 3:07

20. Texas - 3:06

21. New Hampshire - 3:04

22. Wyoming - 3:03

23. New York - 3:01

24. Pennsylvania - 2:58

25. Maine - 2:58

26. Washington - 2:51

27. Iowa - 2:50

28. Illinois - 2:49

29. North Carolina - 2:47

30. Tennessee - 2:46

31. Kansas - 2:38

32. California - 2:38

33. Massachusetts - 2:31

34. Florida - 2:29

35. New Jersey - 2:28

36. Indiana - 2:26

37. Virginia - 2:23

38. Oklahoma - 2:21

39. Colorado - 2:21

40. Minnesota - 2:19

41. Ohio - 2:18

42. Louisiana - 2:17

43. Kentucky - 2:14

44. Arkansas - 2:08

45. District of Columbia - 2:08

46. Nevada - 2:07

47. Georgia - 2:07

48. Montana - 2:03

49. Vermont - 1:48

50. South Dakota - 1:30

51. Alaska - 1:21

So, in summary:

  • Whoa! Go New Mexico! First you get Breaking Bad, and now this. Lucky you. Although, longer sex does not necessarily mean better sex. Just hurry it up sometimes and get it over with.
  • Screw you, main Virginia. The real state for lovers is WEST Virginia.
  • Sorry, Alaska. Maybe it's just the depressing nature of the sun only being out 2 hours a day.
  • Actually, most of the bottom scorers were higher north - maybe going above the Mason-Dixon line messes with your libido.