1. The title doesn't make any sense.


The hell does "Space Jam" mean? Most of the movie (and the actual basketball tournament) takes place far, far below the Earth's surface, which is pretty much the opposite of space. The actual jamming is done way, way far away from space.

2. Do the Looney Tunes characters live in Hell?

Speaking of....do the Looney Tunes characters all live in Hell? Is that what their dimension is? A world where you never age and are constantly subjected to horrifying violence but still cannot die....sounds a lot like Hell.

3. Why wouldn't Michael Jordan just get his own publicist? How is he ASSIGNED Wayne Knight?


Do you remember the 90s? Yes, Buzzfeed articles, I know YOU do, but for the rest of you - Michael Jordan was fucking HUGE. The BIGGEST celebrity and sports star around, basically a god amongst men. Dude was beyond rich, beyond famous - he was MICHAEL (no B.) JORDAN. And since the movie character is ostensibly basically the same person, it would stand to reason that he would have his own TEAM of publicists already - and they wouldn't be goofy, clumsy weirdos like Wayne Knight, they would be the most polished, professional publicists money could buy.