The beginnings of Trey Parker and Matt Stone's partnership is pretty well known at this point - the two met in college in Colorado, made Cannibal! The Musical!, made The Spirit of Christmas short, and that eventually evolved into South Park, which is going to run until the end of time.

But BEFORE that, Trey Parker (along with Chris Graves) was already animating in the familiar cardboard-paper cut-out style - it was a little cruder than what was to come, but it's still pretty impressive. And for a student film project, Parker interviewed his college roommate, Junichi Nishimura, about American history, and animated his 5 minute summary of the history of the United States. Keep in mind that Nishimura was a Japanese immigrant, who spoke very little English and really didn't have that much of a REASON to know what he did about American history. Like, imagine how well YOU would fare trying to summarize the history of Japan. It's pretty impressive how well Nishimura did (even if he does claim the CIA killed JFK).

Pretty good, right? Nishimura went on to eventually become a professional animator, working on a few videogames, some anime, and even South Park (where he also voiced one of the Japanese characters in the Chinpokomon episode, repeatedly insisting how big American penises were).

In summary: remember the Alamo.