I was going through some of my old stuff the other day when I stumbled upon something I hoped to never see again: My highschool diary. Out of morbid curiousity I read through it and it's way worse than I could even imagine. Part of me wanted to burn the little fucker so it never saw the light of day, but some of these entries are too embarassing not to share. So instead, please enjoy the most embarassing excerpts from my highschool diary:  

1. This Attempt at Sympathy...  


"I try to remind myself that there are other people out there that have it worse, but I'm starting to wonder if that's true. I seriously can't imagine a harder life than mine." 

2. This Brilliant Take on Parenting


"Moms are so embarassing. I can't wait until I'm a parent. I'll be so cool because I'll know how hard it is to be a kid."

3. This Poetry...


"Teenagers need space. We're all unique flowers trying to  grow up and parents are weeds trying to hold us back."

4. This "Deep" Thought


"I'm glad [to] spend my life living outside the box than stay inside and suffocate." 

5. This Rant About How I Had It All Figured Out 


"They all tried to tell me who to be and how to act. Who do they think they are? I've been alive for 16 years! I think I know how the world works. I think I can make my own choices." 

6. This. Just...This... 


"It's hard living in a world when you know you're smarter than everyone arounf you. It's okay, though. I'm confident that one day the world will catch up with my genius." 


Stop Making Guns So Sweet