If walking out to a stage is difficult, then running a country is be a flaming train wreck. The Republican candidate introductions in New Hampshire tonight had well...  some issues. I've seen Kindergarten graduations that went smoother than the Republican intros. 

The whole listen-for-name-called-walkout-repeat system started to breakdown when Ben Carson came to a freeze like a fifth grader with school play stagefright. Except he and the rest of them have already done this several times by now, including last Tuesday. Carson was unable to hear his name called which left him standing while  Ted Cruz whizzed by with a look on his face that said "You're on your own, chump."

From there things just got more awkward with Trump and John Kasich holding up the line as well. Let's just hope the Super Bowl can help us forget about this disaster. 

What happened in that awkward intro at the GOP debate?

The candidate introductions at the ABC News GOP debate in New Hampshire did not go smoothly.

Posted by Washington Post on Saturday, February 6, 2016