1. Why is this Potions book, that (SPOILER ALERT) successfully brings to life a doll, kept in a bookstore in suburbia where any child could use it? Also, is this a mass produced book?

Lindsay Lohan, playing the sassy and troubled, but adorable, Casey Stuart, wants, more than anything, to bring her mom back to life. So, she literally gets on her very large computer and searches it and then successfully finds a store NEAR HER that has this book that will bring her mom back to life. But here's the thing: on her huge desktop computer, she gets all these options for stores that she can find this book in. So why isn't this book some national phenomenon? Why aren't more people coming to life? Why is it that only Lindsay Lohan knows the mass-produced-potions-book-secrets?

2. As soon as Casey wakes up next to someone she doesn't know (we've ALL been there, right? :P), why isn't her first instinct to get her dad?

Instead of calling the grown-up because a strange lady is in her bed, Casey just immediately grabs a baseball bat and starts bragging about how many homeruns she's hit. Which is great for her, I guess, but read the room, Casey! There's a stranger in your bed! Scream for a grown-up! Put down the bat! Between fight or flight, she chose baseball.

3. Why can Eve come-to-life (Tyra Banks) say more sentences than her catchphrase and why can she understand senses?

She wakes up and immediately starts talking to Casey about how excited she is about everything. She shouldn't have the language to do that at this point. She should just be saying her catchphrases over and over again, and at most, here is when she should be singing her song. And as they walk through the street, she shouldn't have the language to be like, "This smells great!" or "This smells bad." She should presumably just cry or smile, right?

4. Why isn't it weird to Casey's dad that Eve wants him to take her to the mall?

As soon as Eve saves Casey from the oncoming truck after trying to get part two of the widely acclaimed potions book, Casey's dad, inexplicably, offers to take Eve wherever she wants. And then asks no questions when she yells, "LET'S GO TO THE MALL!" Not only that, but he then proceeds to buy everything for Eve - a woman he doesn't know, who feels comfortable telling him to buy her everything in the mall.

5. Sunnyvale is a real place! It's in the Bay Area. A friend of mine lives there.


Every time Eve says she's from Sunnyvale, she's met with groans on groans from Casey, saying, "NOPE SUNNYVALE ISN'T REAL." If Casey used the computer box in her room to search Sunnyvale, she would find that it's the seventh most populous city in the San Francisco Bay Area.