You know those shitty, lowest common denominator, infinitely disposable "react" videos? Where teenagers and old people react to 90s videogames and dumb memes by sorta laughing a little and saying "huh neat"? Well, those videos are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to the future of internet-folk The Fine Bros. - to the degree that they're trying to copyright the word "React" and the entire concept of "people reacting to stuff."

Here's their announcement video, detailing this FUN and EXCITING plan:

Ironically, the internet has not "reacted" well. (GET IT???)


In fact, much of Youtube is straight-up revolting over this - mass-downvoting the "React World" video, leaving nasty comments (many of which have apparently been purged), and even releasing their own reactions to The Fine Bros' announcement:

To put it lightly, the internet is not too happy with the idea of a channel trademarking the word "React" and trying to lock down an entire FORMAT just for themselves - let alone a format that can be boiled down to "people reacting to things", which is as old as time itself. The Fine Bros. have gone from a fun group of individuals to a massive shitty corporation with skeevy practices in the blink of an eye.

The rest of the internet have been detailing The Fine Bros. less than stellar behavior in the past - encouraging people to harrass Ellen DeGeneres when she made a reaction video for her show, how they ripped the concept of "Elders React" from a smaller Youtube channel and DMCA'd them into oblivion, and how - basically - Beavis and Butthead should own the copyright, if anyone does:

So remember - if you start making reaction videos of your own, send some of the proceeds to Mike Judge.



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