Alan Rickman has passed away at the age of 69 - the 2nd beloved British gentleman to do so this week, after David Bowie. But while Rickman is no longer with us on this Earth, we can remember what an amazing person he was while he was alive.


1. The time he admitted he knew about Potter Puppet Pals ("Snape...Snape...Sev-er-us Snape!")


At the premiere of the final Harry Potter film, Alan Rickman admitted he knew about the Potter Puppet Pals, and commented on how wonderful it was. Because - in case you haven't watched it lately - it really is:


2. The time he caught Rupert Grint drawing a purposely ugly picture of him....and kept it.

Try to imagine anything scarier than being caught making fun of Alan Rickman when you're a child on the set of your first movie. Not only that, but Alan Rickman is dressed as Severus Snape, one of the most imposing characters to any kid. You'd probably be pretty freaked out, right? Welp, Rupert Grint (aka Ron) went through this exact scenario on the set of the first Harry Potter film (LET'S NOT GET INTO THE SORCEROR/PHILOSPHER THING HERE, FOLKS) - but thankfully, Alan Rickman reacted in pretty much the most perfect way possible.



3. The time he scared Jason Mewes into memorizing the ENTIRE SCRIPT of Dogma just by being Alan Rickman

Alan Rickman isn't just an imposing figure to kids drawing doodles of him - as a respected, classically-trained actor, his casting in Dogma made director/writer Kevin Smith more nervous than usual. After all, up until that point, most of the actors in Smith's movies had been non-professional actors or simply friends of his. But Alan Rickman? He was the real deal. And so Smith told Jay actor Jason Mewes (who didn't even know who Alan Rickman was) that he would actually need to prepare in order to act alongside Rickman.

The thing is - he scared Mewes so much that he memorized the entire script to Dogma. Like, not only his own lines, but every other character's lines as well.

Such is the power of Alan Rickman. 


4. The time he and Michael Gambon pranked Daniel Radcliffe

Alan Rickman - Snape on the streets, James Potter in the sheets. While he seemed like a dignified older British gentleman on the outside, on the inside beat the heart of a prankster extraordinaire...alongside Dumbledore, who teamed up with Snape to prank young Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe, by putting a fart machine in his sleeping bag during filming of The Prisoner of Azkaban, and embarrassing the hell out of him in front of a girl he fancied (who isn't named here, but I will assume is Emma Watson, because she and Harry belong together forever).