You don't want to pick a life partner hastily - there are some attributes you need to make sure they have, in order to ensure your relationship is healthy and in it for the longrun. Here are the 5 things EVERYONE should look for...


1. Is content just sleeping with me every night and cuddling together


I'm not looking for someone who's only into me for sex - I want someone who's happy just holding me at night as we slumber together.


2. Is open-minded in the bedroom, and fine with bringing in others to sleep with us


And while sex isn't the ONLY thing, let's not pretend it's not something. I need someone who can be open-minded when it comes to love-making, and isn't shy about others joining us.


3. Is always there for me


I need someone who can be my rock - reliable and always there. I don't want to be nervous or anxious about them leaving me at any moment - I want to know that they'll be there for me when I need them.


4. Is literally just my bed


My bed is great. Sleeping in it is basically my favorite thing - and I usually spend about 8 hours with it every single day. Not only that, but I'm usually unconscious for that duration - meaning I'm at my most vulnerable when I'm with it. That's trust.

This is the most important, intimate relationship in my life, and I wouldn't want it to be with anyone else.


5. Doesn't get weird or uncomfortable when I masturbate on top of it at 3am


My bed puts up with a lot, but I like to think it gets a lot of love in return.