Guys, if you're sending out pics of your dick for free (whether they're wanted or not) you're doing it wrong. Meet Soraya Doolbaz, the NYC photographer who has found a way to make a living -- and a REALLY good one -- as an expert who specializes in dong photography. 

Soraya doesn't just have random dudes whip out their peen and snap a photo with her phone, though. Nope, first she dressed the dicks in cute little outfits to capture each boner's personality. It's a dream come true she never could have imagined: 

"Two years ago when I took my first dick pic, I never thought I would be here today. Selling limited edition prints... for $10,000 a piece."

Whoa, hold up, $10,000 for a dick pic?! Who would've guessed dick pulled in that kinda cash? And how does she go about deciding that price? Is it an inches-to-dollars ratio? Like 1 inch of dick = $1,000?

Source: nypost

What good is a photo of a penis wearing a costume though, if you can't slap it on every piece of merch possible? That's why Soraya gives her models the option of having their dick photography session applied to things like calendars and mugs.

"It's delightful that people just like dick on things."