1 Youll watch friends hit lifes milestones at the age theyre supposed to

 At 28, most people are starting a new life with a partner, not ending their old life with a veritable backpack. You now have to watch your friends find love and happiness with their soulmate while you're desperately trying to make up for lost time at the bachelorette party.



2 You have people ask you if youre, like, weirdly religious or something

Because, believe it or not, not everyone who gets married at 19 is pressured into it by Jesus. Having your judgment impaired by horniness can happen to people from all walks of life.



3 Youre seen as weird for dating and weird for not dating

If you're dating, people tell you that you should take some "me time" and figure out who you really are before you start seeing people. If you're not dating, people tell you that you need to put yourself out there as part of the healing process. There's no way of winning, only silently nodding while people who've never done what you've done tell you what's best.



4 Embarrassing photos from your early 20s are wedding photos

Everyone has photographic evidence of the mistakes they made in their early 20's. For some, it's a candid photo taken while passed out after a rousing game of beer pong. For others, it's looking lovingly into your ex's eyes during a sunset ceremony.



5 Youre qualified to give life advice to people much, much older than you

Now you're the old wise man who people seek out for sage advice, even though you're only 26. Congrats! You're now qualified to council people twice your age on an experience you've had, but they haven't.



6 You have to learn the language of dating, which you cant speak at all

It's hard to flirt using emojis when the last time you were single was before the advent of the iPhone. You now have to rely on social skills that were never fully developed in the first place. "What are you up to?" is not a literal question, but you didn't know that because the last time you were asked that, it was followed by "Can you stop by Trader Joe's on your way home?"



7 You get told you look too young to have been married

When Ponce de Leon sought to find the Fountain of Youth, he should have married at 17 then divorced at 23. Because hearing, "You're too young to have been married!" will make you feel young forever. Enjoy it. One day, being divorced will be age appropriate.