1 Politics and Social issues

The biggest can of worms you can open around the dinner table is politics. Everyone will chime in with their horrible, offensive views and a huge fight will soon begin. The holiday dinner table is not the place for it. There are too many opposite views at the same table, and you never know which uncle will be the one to come out as openly racist this year. Better just avoid this topic completely. You can resume your Caitlyn Jenner discussion on Facebook later, with your closed group of friends who you know agree with you.

2 Career

There's nothing more annoying than being grilled about your career. If you had something exciting to share, you would have announced it willingly. The holiday dinner table is quite often a tense experience, not knowing who will suddenly bring up questions about your job. Then you will have to either lie and say everything is great and some exciting secret projects are in store, or tell the truth and admit you hate your dead end job and wish for imminent death every Monday morning. So let's keep career talk off limit, and spare everyone the uncomfortable tension.

3 Personal life

Okay, yes, there something more annoying and stressful than getting grilled about your job. Getting grilled about your love life. Once again you will have to face a table full of relatives who just want to hear that you're already married with two kids and another one on the way. Try to enjoy your mashed potatoes while 11 people openly discuss how you've messed up yet another relationship and offer their advice on how to not end up alone. If you're lucky, you'll also get to hear some fascinating question from 50 year old creeps who want you to explain Tinder to them. This year, we're banning any personal life talk from the table for a nice, relaxing holiday dinner.

4 Vacation stories

The most boring of all stories. No one wants to hear how much fun you had abroad, while the rest of us were stuck at work. It's enough that we had to see your 90-pictures long photo album on Facebook, that was entirely POV pictures of your legs on different beaches. There's no need to bore us with yet another story about how tipping is just a recommendation where you visited. By the way, It's not, you were just being cheap.