Meeting your date's parents doesn't ALWAYS have to be super-stressful -- there's pros and cons to every type of potential significant-other's parents:

1 The Drinkers


PROS: Their house is constantly packed with booze, "cocktail hour" is an actual thing, and holidays?? Forget it. Everyone's start-to-finish hammered.


CONS: You will end up revealing your darkest existential fears to the 58-year-old aunt of someone you've been dating for 4 months. But she's probably hammered too.



PROS: You and the dad share a common interest! You're both into college football! Now you have an automatic conversation topic any time you're in a smalltalk situation, as well as an obvious go-to gift idea if you ever need to buy them something.


CONS: You might have to move onto another topic eventually and you'll both be terrified.


3 The Not Clear How Religious They Are Duo


PROS: Wow these people are nice! They did make a comment about you sleeping in the same bed, but I think that was a joke? Though they did have that religious proverb thing hanging in the bathroom. But also the mom keeps saying how funny the sex scene in Trainwreck was. I think they're just extremely nice, and probably more religious than your family but so what?


CONS: You might be hurtling towards one of those ninety-minute wedding ceremonies.


4 The Extremely Clear How Religious They Are Duo


PROS: You'll really brush up on your lying skills when they ask you questions about your relationship while in the presence of your date's grandmother.


CONS: You're going to Hell. But you already were, so, whatever. Go for it.


5 The EsteemBuilders


PROS: These people compliment you non-stop and keep saying how interesting your career path sounds and how "exciting" it must be to live where you do. You've met them three times and they find you more charming than anyone you've ever interacted with in your life.


CONS: ...Do they love you more than their own child? Is there a secret darkness lurking under there?? Or have you just seen too many "things can't be what they seem" movies and they're actually just nice and not secretly pod people?