1 You Start to Crave More Attention

When your best friend becomes pregnant, you will start to experience the craving to be in the center of attention. This is normal. As your best friend depletes the attention you're getting with her growing stomach or announcement of sex, your body will desire to make up for this depletion by acting as loud and showy as possible. 


2 You Start to Feel Nauseous

It's not uncommon for women to feel mild-to severe nausea from frequently going to baby showers, hearing news about the soon-to-be delivered bundle of joy or being forced to sit through an endless discussion about what the baby should be named.


3 You Experience Mood Swings

Many women will experience wild mood swings when their best friend becomes pregnant. At one moment a woman could be elated that they aren't weighed down by marriage and kids, and at the next moment, completely depressed from the fear they'll never have a baby or husband or any love at all.


4 You Get Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

Your best friend will experience dark circles under her eyes, called the "mask of pregnancy". You'll also experience dark circles under your eyes from going out every night and living up your youth while you still have it.


5 You Get That BFFPregnancy Glow

You'll gain a glow from telling everyone that you're going to become a "weird surrogate auntie". Talking about your non-niece or non-nephew at length puts a smile on your face, making you look more radiant.