I dream of a world where I can cut out all of the conversations I have every day and just enjoy all human interaction through Snapchat. Life would be so much less complicated.


Stories That Dont Make You Check Your Watch

I hate it when someone asks me to listen to a story and 20 minutes later I'm still listening to the same story. You didn't ask me if I wanted to hear the Lord of the Rings. Snapchat gets it right. The stories are short. And better yet, if I don't feel like listening to a story, I can just swipe away and no one gets mad at me.


Fun Filters Make Everything Look Good

The addition of fun filters can make people look good no matter what lighting they are in. This is better than seeing someone in person because in real life, there are scenarios where people don't look good. I don't understand why I'm expected to say that someone looks beautiful at all times. That doesn't mean I don't love you, Kelly.


You Can Send Messages That Make People Feel Special

Snapchat is like a thoughtful greeting card every time you send it to someone. It's perfect for birthdays! Don't tell me it's not, Kelly! Every time I've spent $7 on a birthday card from Papyrus, you've said, "It's the thought the counts." I used the same thought for the Snapchat I sent you on your birthday that I would've used on a birthday card! I get it. I messed up. I should've bought you a real present rather than sending you a birthday Snapchat.  


You Say Something And Its Gone Forever

On Snapchat, you say things and then they go away. That's what happened to me, at least. I said something, and she went away. And she took love with her. I would do anything to take back that stupid birthday Snapchat. I had no idea that something so insignificant could cause me such pain.


My whole room is filled with memories of her and you'd think that would be a comfort but it's not. She's like a Snapchat. Poof, gone. Thankfully I have my Snapchat friends, Calvin Harris and Huffington Post. Kelly, if you're reading this, please come back to me. Or at least send me a Snapchat to let me know you're okay.