SINGLE 7:12 pm A: Hey, up to anything tonight Turns out theres a chance Im around, orig plans might fall through 2:08 am B: Ahh sorry just saw this Was out for a while but heading back soonish Next Day, 11:35 am A: No problem, actually ended up being busy anyway, friend was in from out of town, grabbed some drinks Might be around next week tho if youre up to anything 3 days later B: sounds good RELATIONSHIP all texts 12 min apart A: Hey grabbed some wine if you wanna blow through all of Fargo tonight B: Just bought some too and we already have 2 home Could save some, or see if we can finish all 4 before passing out A: Im IN





SINGLE A: Hey A: I know this is semi random but just saw an ad for a Night of the Living Dead screening w a live band playing the score at Drafthouse any interest B: HOLY SHIT we were just talking about that B: When is it If Im free Im totally down RELATIONSHIP A: Haha just saw a dude drinking a strawberry muscle milk and totally thought of Kates new dude from the other night B: lolol PICS A: Too late he left, prob going to the muscle milk drinkers convention with that guy B: Was he also talking about how