If there's one thing the internet truly excels at above all others -- besides people being shitty to each other constantly -- it's being able to take things that everyone likes and running them into the ground until all the joy is sucked out of them. Here's 10 great things the internet has REALLY tried its best to make not-fun anymore:

1. Bacon

Bacon Memes

Bacon is delicious. Literally every meat-eating person loves bacon. Yet for whatever reason, a few years ago, the internet decided that bacon's EPICNESS wasn't just an obvious, evident fact, but a loud religious screed that needed to be SHOUTED in MEME FORM at every possible opportunity, to the agreement of EVERYONE (because, again, no one was ever disputing this).

Plus, now every couple months, a story surfaces about bacon causing cancer, and everyone angrily posts about it on FB, then people get all defensive and declare they don't care 'cause they'll eat bacon ANYWAY cause it's so EPIC, and every website posts about it until they run out of stock photos of piles of bacon (which never occurs).

It's a food and it's tasty and you can decide to eat it or not. Not everything has to be a life-or-death melee to arrive at the TRUE opinion that DEFINES you. Just, y'know, relax. (A thing the internet is very good at doing.)


2. Bill Murray

Bill Murray Stories

Bill Murray is amazing; he's been in countless timeless comedies and had a semi-reniassance with side-roles in Wes Anderson films, he seems like an incredibly likable down-to-earth person, and pretty much everyone likes him. But at some point about 4 years ago, the internet suddenly flooded us with viral stories of Bill Murray crashing public appearances and doing wacky unscripted stunts, which snowballed expontentially into more calculated stunts, and eventually reached the point where current-day Bill Murray -- at least in the internet's eyes -- now feels like a sentient, walking meme.

Also, like 'bacon,' everyone's constantly declaring their love for Bill Murray with a furious passion, as though they're really shutting down all those constant outspoken Bill Murray haters who totally exist. He's a really funny actor who's made a lot of good movies; it's embarrassing to see the internet 'wear' him like some novelty Keep Calm and BILL MURRAY novelty shirt.


3. Seasonal Drinks

Pumpkin Spiced Latte

Pumpkin-spiced lattes and pumpkin beers and peppermint holiday drinks are usually across-the-board DELICIOUS. But, like all nice things, the internet has now turned a fun small thing that many of us quietly enjoyed into an annual massive debate where people are declaring how tired they are of the things before the things even friggin' come out.

It's a damn coffee that tastes a little pumpkiney, not a sacred blood oath. We don't have to have insane opinions about this.


4. Mean Girls

Mean Girls Memes

One of the best comedies in recent memory understandably spawned tons of online quoting and meme-ing and "everyone bringing up the day they mention in the movie because that's a thing we all do online every single day now"-ing, but by now, essentially every frame of the film has been turned into a meme, and every website has carved up every one-billionth of a second of the film in list form, GIF form, or list-of-GIFs form, or anything else that takes a super-watchable, funny movie and instantly nostaligia-fies it within an inch of its life.

Anytime you go back and watch the movie on tv, though, it's still super refreshingly funny. FUNNIER THAN THE 'STOP TRYING TO MAKE [ANYTHING] HAPPEN' MEME? Yes, believe it or not, it is. (Just one man's opinion though.)


5. The 90s

Obviously a signficant portion of the internet is devoted to nostalgia -- give or take, 99.999999% (the rest is like, a Google Map) -- but our nonstop collective avalanche of NEEDING to remember stuff has eviscerated any novelty that having shared experiences & memories with our fellow "90s kids" (now an insufferable term) might have once possessed in a pre-internet-era.

Fortunately, the internet will definitely strip-mine all subsequent decades in the same exact way, and probably worse, so no generation will be able to have any novel shared memories ever again. (Obviously I'm exaggerating. Buuuuut barely.)