Alabama Witch in the Woods, Gadsden Slide 5

Supposedly in Gadsden, Alabama, a woman sold her soul to the devil, and now she's a witch who lives in a shack, steals souls, and has fun scaring the shit out of people.



Alaska The Historic Anchorage Hotel

The historic Anchorage Hotel is said to be haunted by the ghost of a murdered police chief, along with a mysterious woman in all white ... who I'm gonna guess is his ghost wife.

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Arizona Mogollon Monster

Basically the Bigfoot of Arizona. It is mean, loud and hard to find. The Mogollon apparently even smells like shit too -- it has been described as smelling like rotting fish.

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Arkansas White River Monster

The White River Monster is reported to be a GIGANTIC gray fish that moos like a cow. It has rough, ugly skin and eats all the fish in the river, making it hard for local fisherman. In spite of all this, in 1973 Arkansas state Senator Robert Harvey passed a law so that it was illegal to harm the creature.

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California Wolfe Manor

Wolfe Manor has had a long, twisted history perfect for a building that's haunted as shit. The building has become a hotspot for paranormal investigation and has been the subject of many stupid ghost-themed TV shows.  

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