Looking to make a big trendy tv show that everyone'll be talking about? It BETTER have these 10 things:

1 Theres a surprise lesbian scene


A Young naive female character and older-but-still-movie-star-hot married lady are arranging a secret rendezvous at a hotel in the middle of the night and BOTH lied about their wherabouts. They both enter the room like they're gonna have a fight.... UHOH... BUT NOW THEY'RE MAKING OUT! WHAAA???


Wow! This show is unpredictable AND progressive!


2 A really nice, wellmeaning character gets KILLED


Welp, looks like everything's all gonna be wrapped up. Virtuous Goodguy finally knows the truth about the criminal conspiracy and he's about to go on live tv to inform the American people, 55 minutes into this episode. I guess that's the end of the series! Weird, too, cause there's three more episodes left and this is only the first season.




Oooh, the suave asshole dude is getting dressed after sex with a lady who ISN'T his wife... that's pretty crazy, but it probably won't get crazier than that... OH WOW HIS WIFE IS ALSO CHEATING ON HIM!!! AND the people they're CHEATING WITH are sleeping with EACH OTHER!!! Nine consecutive scenes just showed people frantically putting dress shirts back on after sex! What a show!


4 A character tells a really heartfelt story about their childhood that perfectly ties into the present


[Guy chalking up pool cue]


"Y'know, when I was a boy, my father branded me in the face with a dick-shaped poker."


[Nails 8-ball into corner pocket]


"...So do you really think I'm worried about this current situation on the show?"


5 Theres a really transparent tiein to a current event that isnt forced at all


"Did you hear? The warriors of Castle Thaykaryus have started a #PaladinLivesMatter hashtag. It's picking up some steam."


"Curse those Thaykarians. Doth they not realize that in fact ALL lives in the Middle Realm be SACRED?"


[Looking into camera] "There is much to discuss on THIS issue."