Now that you've viewed Drake's "Hotline Bling" video, let's see how well you comprehended the narrative.

1. What are the telephone operators selling? 

A. Water Coolers

B. Phone Sex

C. American Apparel

D. Drake


Answer: A.


2. This is the first introduction to the protagonist of our story, Drake. Is he a trustworthy narrator? What is the "Hotline Bling"?



3. Director X is the Antagonist of our story who is keeping Drake in The Box. What did Drake do to upset him?

A. Drake borrowed his hoodie.

B. Drake stole his dance moves.

C. Drake didn't follow his direction.

D. Drake hates boxes.


Answer: B.


4. Once we learn that the box can change color, how does that change our perception of Drake? Does it make Drake more sympathetic or more tragic?



5. Why do the faceless ones taunt Drake?

A. Because he's the greatest ever.

B. Because he's on his worst behavior.

C. Because he stole the Hotline Bling

D. Because he read this and it's now too late.


Answer: D or in some cases A, B, or C.


6. We talked in class about symbolism. What do you think the stairway to the box represents? What can we infer from the body language of the women?



7. When Drake made it into the other box, he was clearly happy about it, but were you happy for him? Why or why not?

other box


8. Are the women friends or foes? List 3 adjectives you would use to describe Director X's Women.



9. Drake made it to the stairs but he's not happy. What lesson do we learn from this?

A. Winning isn't everything.

B. It's the journey, not the destination

C. Life is a ladder that you are always climbing.

D. Stairs make Drake sad.


Answer: D.


10. When "Woes" shows up, what went through Drake's mind, emotionally? Express using "Drake Feels ______" statements.



11. Daaaaaaaamn. Right? Right? Right?

A. Yeah.

B. Damn man. Get it.

C. Mmm, yeah.

D. All of the above.

get it

Answer: D


12. After Director X killed "Woes" for falling in love with Drake, he put the women in the box with Drake. What do you think Director X is afraid of?

A. Emotion

B. Bad-ass bitches

C. Drake

D. Clarity


Answer: D.


13. As we leave, we see one of the telephone operators take a selfie. What does this tell us about the nature of hope? Do you think Drake got it on with all four of those women in the box? Please express in "Drake got down like _____" statements.



Congratulations on concluding the quiz. Did you Do Right And Kill Everything?