1 Drunk Sex

Sex is both incredibly intimate and insanely gross. It's the closest two people can be, completely exposed emotionally and physically, each trying to give the other their most primal desires. It's also jammin' genitals together and gross fluids everywhere and your weird lumpy body all out with nothing to hide it. And that's why a little bit of alcohol oils the gears of lovemaking so well - lower your inhibition just enough to make each part a litttttttle more palatable.

Pros: Less Inhibited, You Might Last Longer Cons: You will most likely not even be ABLE to have sex or you are lasting way too long and this isnt really that great for either of you Youre too drunk to figure out the right middle ground



Appointment Sex

Sometimes in a relationship, you get to the point where you both have busy schedules and you REALLY need to make sure you do the ol' genital-mash tango on certain occasions, like anniversaries, Valentine's Day, and The One Day Where Neither Of Us Has To Wake Up Early The Next Day So We Are Gonna Fuck Come Hell Or High Water.

Pros: Efficient, StraighttoBusiness Cons: You Have To Do It Even If Youre Not Feelin It Since You Got the Squirts From Eating Seafood That Night



Boredom Sex

Ugggggh there's nothing on TV and there's nothing on Netflix and it's cold outside and sorta cold in here but the heater's busted soooooooooo...