HIM: Hey there HER: Hello, this is Ann How may I help you today HIM: how are you, gorgeous HER: Thank you I will put in my best efforts to assist you with this hook up today HIM: silly face emoji HER: We are having a very good flirting now


HIM: we should meet up im in silver Lake what part of town are u in HER: America I am in America HIM: Haha ur cute do u want to grab a drink HER: Please hold for a moment HER: Dinner meetings are available from 8 pm to 10 pm Pacific Standard Time HIM: winking face emoji wanna do 8 HER: Please hold for a moment HER: 8 pm is working very nicely for my supervisor HIM: sunglases face emoji

NEW MESSAGE: Time stamp 2:38 am HIM: hey u up HER: Good afternoon HIM: what r u up to HER: I am playing American football and drinking beers in the pub HIM: ur crazy i need to see u