Making excuses

I know I should be watching the show I've been gradually plodding through for a year, but watching Simpsons reruns is very important and cannot be put off.



Okay, I really should watch it. Rachel said that halfway through the first season, it starts to get good. If I can just make it past--wait I'm on season two already?!



How am I supposed to have children one day if I can't even get through a one hour political drama without abandoning it?!



I'm not even really abandoning it, honestly. I'm just taking a brief hiatus; like a band! Bands always get back together after a hiatus and they're never indefinite.


blaming the recommender

Wait, didn't Rachel also say that Homeland season 2 was good? She has terrible taste. If anything, her telling me to watch this show is a reason NOT to watch this show.



You know what? I watched a season and a half of it, so I can say it sucks. I don't care how many emmy nominations it has. You know what didn't get an emmy? VH1's Flavor of Love--and that was a great show!


Nodding and smiling through conversations about the show

Just chuckle and agree with everyone else's views. Casually try to steer the conversation toward the first season. If they start talking about the first season, it's your time to shine, baby!