I mean, like, what if! You can't prove that he ISN'T. Same actor 'n all. Maybe, like, Clarice THOUGHT she killed Buffalo Bill, but he slipped away and left another corpse in his place and then moved to San Francisco and took on an assumed identity and became a respected police officer who hung out with an OCD detective so that no one would ever tie him back to those killings? Totally possible.



Kramer got hit in the head a lot. It's not inconceivable that one thing hit him real hard and put him in a coma, and he dreamed up this fantasy world where he was the funny one who was always getting into misadventures and never had to hold down a real job for an extended period of time. Maybe it was that time Crazy Joe Davola kicked him in the head? Yeah, and he was the first one out in The Contest, so that was a hint maybe. Share this on Facebook.



Ehhhhh you like both of those things, right. That's enough for most fan theories. Like, maybe the world became a cartoon because....magic or something. The red priest lady did too much magic and the world became a cartoon. Sure. I know I saw a dragon in Futurama at least once, so it fits.



Maybe? Who knows. They both had friends with red hair. Plus, they both were babies at some point.



Like, what if the Joker was actually Robin...who was ACTUALLY Commissioner Gordon?! Or maybe everyone's just who they say they are, because why does everyone need to secretly be 9 other people?