Ace Ventura is a helluva movie that put Jim Carrey on our radars as the first of his 1994 gems, and had us saying "allllrighttty then" everywhere we went. It's a movie I really enjoy and have watched countless times, including just recently cover to cover.  But since this is the Internet, why shouldn't I talk about a few parts that annoyed me, even if it's over 20 years since it was released?  

1. Ace Ventura has way too much free rein in the police world

Sure he gets some heat from the police force, but not nearly enough.  Let's face it, he is doing full blown police work and his only qualification is self proclaimed "pet detective". Think about the treatment a vigilante like Batman gets, hunted by police and condemned as a criminal.  But Ace Ventura - openly disliked by some of the police department, including the Lieutenant  -  is allowed to openly roam the police department bullpen, stroll through a closed crime scene only to removed after infuriating the Lieutenant, and hits two police officers with his car chasing Marino's kidnappers without any repercussions.  And yes, I just made a comparison between Batman and Ace Ventura...take that Internet. 

2. Why is Ray Finkle/Lois Einhorn wearing the AFC Championship ring to the dolphin heist?


It's a given that Ray-Finkle-turned-Lois-Einhorn may be a bit batshit crazy, but why would she wear her AFC Championship ring to the dolphin heist (not to be confused with Dolphin Tale)?  Lois, you've climbed the ranks of the police department, you should be well aware of how evidence works, and how you should not bring extra amounts of it to your crime scene to later be used against you. And even if you wear the ring for some psychotic reason, you're telling me as a police lieutenant, you're not wearing gloves to a kidnapping to protect your fingerprints, and also the ring you so idiotically wore?

3. Ace is totally cool with creepy rich guy Ronald Camp owning a shark

Just like in a Law & Order episode, our first suspect has a lot of "evidence" going against him, but alas, isn't the culprit...we got an hour and a half to fill here. Ace gets wind from his future Sea Shepherd buddy hidden in the back of that metal concert, that Ronald Camp has been buying up some suspicious items to house what seems like a large mammal/fish/jet ski.  

When he sneaks through the bathroom at Camp's party to find a large tank he believes to be holding snowflake, it turns out it's's not snowflake. It's a giant fucking Great White Shark.  Just a huge shark in a tank.  Ace is generally not too pleased with the shark attack, but is more upset it wasn't the dolphin he was looking for and seems totally cool this eccentric millionaire type is housing a large sea beast in a tank in his house. Some animal lover.

4. What kind of "Animal Lover" has all these wild animals living together in a shitty one bedroom apartment?

If Ace is this huuuge animal lover, why would he have multiple species living in a small, disgusting 1br apartment...most of which are wildly out of their natural habitat? An otter coming out of his toilet bowl? An iguana just lounging in his dresser drawers? Penguins?!  He has penguins living in his refrigerator?!  How could that even be close to good for them??  A one bedroom the sweltering heat of Miami. Who does he think he is...Mr. Popper?  Oh wait.