Get organized

The first thing you need to do is gather your belongings. Choose only what is essential. You won't need much, but you'll need enough to keep warm through the night. You can purchase new clothing when you arrive. Eventually, you'll get new everything. Avoid bags that will slow you down on foot. You must be swift. This is a new beginning.

Make a Plan
Set out all you have at the beginning of the month. Then write down all of your expenses so that you can begin to save for the plane ticket to a remote country. Why would anyone suspect an amiable tradesman in Madagascar to be the former owner of a Stafford loan taken out to pay for his junior year at Vassar?

Know Your Options
Any airline will do, as well, as long as you purchase a round trip ticket so that it doesn't leave a suspicious paper trail. If Madagascar seems too far, consider a haven closer to Europe, like the Canary Islands. You don't have to be a tradesman, you could find work doing anything with your liberal arts degree -- as long as it requires no vocational skills whatsoever.

Set Goals
Aim to settle housing and work by the end of the first week when you arrive. Aim to learn the local language within the month. That way, when the University Bursar comes looking, you will blend in seamlessly with the rest of the small village. When she asks, "Have you seen a Poetic licensing major with a quantum thought Minor" you'll look at her like you've never written a thesis that marries both of those disparate, yet fascinating topics.

Live Modestly
Lead an honest, simple life. You could even go back and study something more practical in your new country. There's no way on earth that this education system could screw you over half as much as the one that already has.