1. Hitler was constantly farting.


Hitler reportedly had "uncontrollable flatulence" - the cause of which is still unknown, but he and his doctors suspected it may have been the result of his vegetarian diet. How many people do you think referred to him as "Der Farter" instead of "Der Fuhrer" or whatever in the bunker? Probably a lot.

2. He pulled a lot of shitty pranks.


Surprise, surprise - Hitler was bad at winning wars, bad growing full mustaches, and downright terrible at pranks. In the right hands, pranks can be fun and lighthearted - but pranks are the goddamn worst thing with people who don't know what they're doing. Like, imagine Michael Scott trying to pull a prank - it would go badly and he'd either injure or deeply insult someone and it would be awkward and Jim would make that face and we'd all be like "man, remember when this show used to be good?"

Anyways, Hitler was EVEN WORSE at pranks than that - Ernst Hanfstaengl was a high-ranking officer in Germany during World War II who had gotten on Hitler's bad side by making some snide comments about the Spanish Civil War. So Hitler put him on a plane and told him he'd be getting dropped into the WRONG side of the Spanish Civil War (aka the side Germany was fighting against), which basically meant certain death.

After a while, the plane's pilot feigned a malfunction and made an emergency landing...at the Leipzig Airport in Germany. Because the plane was never flying towards Spain to begin with - it was circling Germany the entire flight, but Hitler thought it would be hilarious to make Hanfstaengl think he was being sent on a suicide mission! Oh well, shitty prank, but no real harm done.

Except Hanfstaengl defected to the Allies soon after, and gave them a ton of top secret info he was privy to.


3. Hitler was basically always on some kind of drug.


Hitler was basically a less lovable version of Jesse from Breaking Bad - he used cocaine (for sinuses), meth, and even had bull semen injected into him (thinking it would increase his libido).

Many of Hitler's drugs were provided his personal medical physician, Theodor Morell - a man who had been dismissed by many other high-ranking Nazis as a complete quack. And for good reason! To help Hitler with his morning grogginess, he injected him with a solution comprised of water and meth. Finally, the connection between Hitler and Breaking Bad we were all waiting for.