1 Rory Gilmore

Since the very first season of Gilmore Girls, Rory had one obsessive ambition - to go to Harvard. She talked about it constantly, had Harvard posters in her room, and worked tirelessly to study hard and get accepted. But then she totally gave that up and went to Yale! Way to throw away your future, Rory. What happened?! Giving up on her dream, Rory's life went straight to the can: studying journalism, becoming editor of the Yale daily news, getting a job covering Barack Obama's rise to fame. What a shame, Rory. We were rooting for you and you just pissed in our faces.

2 Troy Barnes, Community

Troy was a bit aimless at first, but he quickly found his true passion -- Air conditioning repair school. His dream job was basically handed to him, becoming the world's best AC repairman, jump suit and everything. But then what? Stupid Troy decided to dump all over us and his dream and for what? To inherit a multi-million dollar company? To travel the world on a boat with his childhood idol Levar Burton? Unbelievable. You could have had it all, Troy, but you messed up. Never give up on your dream!

3 Mike Wazowski, Monsters Inc

Growing up in a world where children's screams are used for fuel, Mike's biggest dream was to become a scarer. Though he was small and not very threatening, Mike worked hard and got accepted to Monsters University. But then that loser dropped everything and became a comedian! What a rip off, am I right? You chickened out, Wazowski. You walked out on your dream of scaring kids just to change the entire essence of your world into a much happier and productive place, running on laughter and joy rather than terror and anxiety. Little Mike would be so ashamed of you.

4 April Ludgate, Parks and Recreation

When we first met you, you were such a dark and antisocial being. All you wanted was to go through life doing as little as possible and be left alone. Then what was all this crap about getting ahead at your job? Getting married? kids?! Finding a job you enjoy that also helps young people like you find their passion in life? Come on, April! You were so close to your dream, why give that up? Who was the evil wizard who made you crumble your dreams away for character development? Such a tragedy. 

5 Scott Evil, Austin Powers

Scott, Dr. evil's teenage son, was an apple who fell so far from his father's tree. All he wanted was to be a vet, or work at a none-evil petting zoo. But he reconsidered his dream to finally become the head of the rich and legendary evil corporation that will certainly successfully take over the world at some point. Stupid Scott, you could have lived your dream of having a mediocre boring life with a 9 to 5 job, and you just gave that up to become a super villain that owns a pool of sharks with laser beams attached to their heads. This list is making me so sad!

6 Gru, Despicable Me

Unlike the former person on this list, Gru knew he wanted to be a super villain ever since he was born. Such high hopes he had, and even accomplished some of them. Until he decide to freakin' abandon his fantasy to become a father and businessman who is a happy and contributing member of society?! Why did you tear your dream apart, puke on it and set it on fire just to be a happier man with a sense of fulfillment you never got from stealing the moon? I can't take this anymore, why is everyone so weak-willed?

7 Lisa Simpson, The Simpsons

We heard you practicing hours every day to become a legendary saxophone player, just like your idol, Bleeding Gums Murphy. I mean, we all know you're smart, Lisa. You were the one person I always knew would follow your dream. But then comes a flash-forward to the future episode and are you a successful jazz musician? No! You're the god damn president of the United States! Who can you trust anymore in this world?!

8 George Bailey, Its A Wonderful Life

I really thought you were the one, Bailey. Your dream was so close. To commit suicide. That's what you wanted, you were right there. But you had to go on a spiritual quest to give your existence some meaning and show you life is worth living after all. You gave up, George. You chickened out. You could have killed yourself right there, but you took the easy way out. You make me so disappointed every single December.