If you needed a reason to avoid Texas forever, their weather this week involved a bugnado. What disgusting thing is a bugnado exactly? Well, it's basically what happens when nature jerks off and a giant load of beetles, flies, and grasshoppers coming spewing out of God's dick. 

Yeah, it's pretty gross. And the chance of screaming "IT'S IN MY HAIR! GET IT OUT!!!" -- 100% 

The bugnado was so large that it popped up on weather radar. 

(Encloses self in body-sized mesh netting just to be safe.)

The bug storm seems to also be happening in Iowa, where a cop captured footage of a mayfly swam that was so thick it had taken over a bridge and a snowplow had to be brought in. 

Source: diesel1984

Here's a close up of a mayfly for that extra heeby-jeeby factor. 


Feel free to never go outside again.